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Discussion in 'Big Bore' started by GunRunner, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. GunRunner

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    Just purchased an older Holland and Holland double rifle chambered in 577/500 nitro express.

    In all true honesty, what game would be, if any, huntable with this caliber?

    Where is a good source for 500 ammo here in the states?
  2. luv2safari

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    Congrats on your new DR! :D :mrgreen:

    The 577/500 is like a SUPER 45/70! :shock: It would be an excellent close quarters bear rifle if used with good bullets like Woodleighs.

    Ammo is going to be hard to find and expensive!! :shock: :shock: :( Kynoch does not list it anymore, and their last price was about $100.00/5 rounds. You may have to buy 577 brass and dies for the 577/500 and roll your own. The brass is about $6.00 each and dies are probably about $390.00 a set. Also, ask at INFO@REEDSAMMO.COM for custom loaded ammo. MidwayUSA sells Bertram brass for about $100.00/20, plus shipping on special order. Bertram is lousey brass, but is often the only game in town... :?

    Why don't you just sell me the rifle at a substantial loss, and save yourself a lot of $$$... :?: :wink: :wink:

  3. shooter93

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    It would work for any game. Check with Huntington's for brass and dies and Woodleigh's if Midway doesn't have them in 500. If Huntington's has HDS brass...buy it no matter the cost.
  4. MacD37

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    First off there is abig difference between a 500 Nitro, and 577/500 express. The 500 NE is a streight 3". or 3 1/4" cased full Nitro round that pushes a 570 gr bullet is the 2150 fps range, producing 5850 fpe at muzzle.

    A 577/5oo nitro express is about the same as the old 50-110 Winchester black powder loads , and was used mostly for thin skinned game, and was more popular in India than in Africa. The round is not generally considered well suited to dangerous game shooting, as it only pushes a 465 gr bullet at around 1500 fps, developeing only 2300 fpe at muzzle. It is basiclly a black powder cartridge , that was converted to a light smokeless loads, but would be a fun double to use for Moose, Blanck bear, and deer in North america. Would make a fine wild Boar rifle, useing the right bullets, and carefull placement, at short range! 8)