Cougar sht by a hunter

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Drop-Shot, Nov 2, 2011.

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    I hunted the first day for elk with a friend,we ran into a game warden and visited with him a spell,he just brought a cougar from a mountain side.Long walk but a hunter walked up on a fresh elk kill.It was partialy covered.He should have backed away as swiftly as possible but he was curious and wanted to see the dead animal.The cougar returned and was mad that his fresh spike bull elk was discovered.The couger charges and the hunter killed him.I saw the couger and felt sad that he went though all the trouble to kill a spike elk and loses his life.
    Whose to blame the hunter or the couger?
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    Dang, Mike, you have bears up there too, that wasn't a smart move he made. When he saw the elk was covered, he should have gotten out of there.

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    The hunter's lucky that he saw the cat before he charged. Lucky the cat didn't get him from the back or from the top. Would have been game over at that point.

    At the point that he realized the kill was covered - he should have backed out, but I kind of understand his curiosity ... How often do you get to see something like that first hand?

    I don't really blame the cougar ... He was just doing what comes natural to him ... Kill Elk ... Eat Elk ... Protect Killed Elk ... Eat Elk ... Repeat as necessary. Its something that might have been prevented and for that I too am kinda sad ... the other part of me thinks ... One less apex predator = more deer and elk which isn't a bad thing .. Unless you're the PA Game Commission (Sorry - can't help but take a shot at their "deer management program" every chance I get :wink:)
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    If I were in grizz country like yours that would have been my biggest concern, I see the curiosity aspect also. I don't feel too bad for the cougar he was just doing what they do, the hunter is lucky he saw it coming! Especially here in SD the cougars have decimated the Elk and Deer populations. Something like 80% Elk calf mortality in some areas where they collared them and a week later most were dead, confirmed cougar kills. Similar to the Wolf problem in your area. So I don't feel too bad for the cougars.
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    To the South Dakota boys.....

    Could you please stop exporting your Mountain Lions to Ct? We already have more than enough of our own.