Deer season?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Drop-Shot, Sep 24, 2011.

  1. Drop-Shot

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    When does the deer season start where you live or hunt?
  2. rob61

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    muzzel loader the last full week of Oct. and regular rifle season the last weekend of Oct. and lasts till about the middle of Jan. I don't remember the exact dates right now.

  3. Captn66

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    Just talking gun season. Monday after thanksgiving in both pa & oh. The week before for wv. Pa & wv is two weeks and oh is one week with a late season two weeks later.
  4. hoghunting

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    In North and Central Texas, our rifle season for deer begins the 1st Saturday in November and runs til the 1st Sunday in January. Some counties have extended seasons for muzzle loaders.
  5. TakeEm

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    South Dakota
    Archery Season opened statewide Sept 24th thru Dec 31st for Bucks, thru Jan 30th for Does.

    Black Hills Deer starts Nov 1st and runs through that month.

    West River (West of the Missouri River to the Wyoming/Montana Border not including the Black Hills Fire Protection District) opens Nov 12th thru Nov 27. Reopens for antlerless the first full week of January.

    East River (East of the Missouri River besides Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge) opens Nov 19th thru Dec 3rd. Reopens for Antlerless the first full week of January.

    Muzzleloader has a seperate season in December as does the Sand Lake refuge in November but I am unsure of the exact dates.
  6. Wyo. Coyote Hunter

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    :D I had 2 whitetail doe tags for my home area that opened Sept.1 til dec.15th..filled both of those..not sure I will get them next year...I really am having difficulty shooting doe deer...doe antelope, cow elk, not a problem..but doe deer are????? anyway..Here general deer opens Oct.1, some unit north of here Oct15 and some not till Nov. 1 also in the far western mts...units open Sept. 15th hunted there 4 days this year..only saw is big country and to be successful one has to have horses, atvs, or be 21 again..still fun to go, and often I get a fair buck in that country...
  7. uglydog

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    Archery deer started the 17th of Sept., Firearms starts the first Saturday in November, and muzzleloader begins the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Seaons run until December 31 for archery, up to 2 weeks for firearms (it depends on the zone one is in, it can be as few as a long weekend to 16 days), and two weeks for muzzle loader.
  8. face

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    I just can not wait for 28 Nov. pa rifle deer season starts. I hope it's a better season then last year.