Long Range?

Discussion in 'Big Game' started by Drop-Shot, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. Drop-Shot

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    At what distances do you practice for?
  2. Captn66

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    The longest I can practice with here is 100 yards as thats the longest at the range I goto. I need to get into a club soon if for no other reason is less crowded than the state ranges frequented by he local yahoos but the increased ranges would be nice too.

    The 100 yards isnt really too bad around here since moat shots at deer are inside of that (not saying theres not some potential for longer shots but anything over 150 yards is rare unless your looking over a cornfield or powerlines or something like that).

  3. Zerbe

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    Like Captn66, I practice mostly at 100yds but with the .270, 6mm rem, and 300wby, I also do some practicing at 200 and 300.

    The vast majority of my shots on deer have been in the 20-60 yd range.
  4. TakeEm

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    The range I go to has 25, 100, and 200 yard ranges. I do most of my shooting at 200 yards with my rifles unless doing load development, I shoot at 100 for less shooter error. I have done some "pasture testing" out to 400 yards to check long range trajectory with my big game rifles but most of my benchrest shooting is done at 200 yards.

    I would like to have a 400 yard range to show guys just how far that is, since a couple guys have commented to me that the 200 yard range must be 3 or 400 when they first sit down. This might cut down on stories of 500 yard deer kill shots offhand in a 30 mile an hour wind or people with 1000 yard range cards taped to big boomers that can't shoot less than a four or five inch group at 200.

    Also it would be nice to do more shooting that far out off a bench. :mrgreen: