rebarreling a remington to 340 wby mag

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing & Restoration' started by markIVbigblock, Aug 10, 2004.

  1. markIVbigblock

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    i found a remington barrel in 340 wby mag and was wondering if i bought a used 338 and had the barrel put on it would it work? or will the wby ammo not work in the action? just a thought i want a 340 wby mag bad but dont have the money for one yet i figure ill buy the barrel now and have the rest done later or i guess i could just save till i can actually buy one im just weighing my options thanx for the input.

  2. MarlandS

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    What about the bolt face? compatable?

  3. mountainview

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    Highly recommend talking to one of the better local smiths. I looked into rebarreling/rechambering and my calculations showed I was much further ahead to get a new firearm. If finances are no object and this is to be a project firearm, rechambering may be viable though compatibility as noted above would have to be checked in a number of areas on the action. Proceed slowly and with due diligence.

    The Savage is one of the few actions (due to its locking lug)that can be rebarreled/rechambered for a reasonable dollar amount using aftermarket threaded barrels. From what I have seen, a lot of barrels (for other than Savages) have to be threaded before mating with the action and seem to involve some hand fitting. I don't remember the particular name but Midway carries threaded barrels for the Savage action if you want to look at them.

    Safe shooting.