Thoughts on Mossberg patriot night train

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by djh_17, Jan 4, 2016.

  1. djh_17

    djh_17 New Member

    I am looking to buy a fairly inexpensive bolt action rifle. I was considering the Mossberg patriot night train and possibly a Remington model 700. Any thoughts or suggestions would be great.
  2. hunter1

    hunter1 Member

    Don't know about the Mossie. I like the Remi 700 the best. Are you getting a ADL or a BDL with the Remi 700. I have a few and love them. I also would look at a Savage. Good luck. :D

  3. Drop-Shot

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    I shoot a lot and go to the range several times a week during good weather and see a lot of different rifles and shotguns.
    I have been impressed with the Mossberg I saw last and with an inexpensive scope it turned in very respectable groups that many would love to claim.
    The Remington 700 is a mainstay for Remington and I would think anyone would be proud of any on the model 700's on the market.
    They offer a 700 long range rifle that I would love to see firsthand.
    For an inexpensive rifle the Mossberg has shown us at the range groups under 1 inch with a new shooter and factory ammo.