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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by TXVAshooter, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Went to the Dick's Sporting Goods in Fairfax, Va last evening, as a friend was looking for a Remington 597. My eyes fell upon a couple of Savage Mk II's in the .17 caliber offerings. One a 17HMR, the other a 17 Mach 2. I asked the fella behind the counter what the difference was, as I'm not familiar with them. He told me there's no difference in the calibers! :shock: I know there has to be, otherwise there would be the same markings. So...can you rimfire shooters tell me the difference in the calibers? I've looked on the Savage site, and they note the Mark II series is only wqith .22 and the .17 mach 2. A 17 HMR is offered as a 93 series gun. The guns at Dick's might be marked wrong, or I read the tags wrong when I looked at them- Decent price though. 169 dolla.

    Might have to get one, looks like fun to blow up varmits.

  2. wwb

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    .17 HMR is the .22 Mag necked down to .17

    .17 Mach II is the .22 LR necked down to .17

    Same bullet in both, I believe.

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    wwb is correct, the Mach II is a necked down 22LR and the 17 HMR is a necked down 22 WMR. I have a 17 HMR and think it is very good for the smaller pests up to the size of maybe a fox. I have shot several red or pine squirrels and the 17 grain polymer V-Max bullet often does not even exit on these small animals at close-ish range. I looked at the Mach II but chose the other as the Mach II has enjoyed rather lackluster sales and some of the smaller local shops are no longer even stocking the Mach II. Sales for the 17 HMR are much stronger, nearly 10 to 1 per most of the shops, so the long term viability of the HMR seems better.