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17 Mach2

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I seen this a few places on the net. It's a 22LR necked down to take a 17 caliber bullet. Hornady designed it to follow in the footsteps of the 17HMR. The question I pose to all of you is; Will it fly? I love my 17 HMR so if this sticks around I might have to pick one up for plinking. The ammo is supposed to be priced around $5. The other big advantage to this new round is that all you have to do to make your current .22LR shoot it, is to throw a new barrel on it. I personally think it will take off, how about y'all.
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I think this one will go over. The ammo is suppose to be cheaper than the HMR, the loaded over all length is the same as the .22 LR so it should work in standard .22LR platforms, and it looks like it will actually make it to market, unlike the .17 Aguilar.
I have two of these rifles. one is a c-z 452, the other a converted Ruger 10-22. Both print thumbnail size groups @ 50yds. You should see what it dose to a full can of soda. and yet I can't find many posts about this fine, fun cartridge.
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