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I've got a box of shells for that gun at home. I know that S&W made a revolver for this shell.I've got a Model 4 that's chambered for 41 rimfire. This revolver belonged to my Grandaddy. I've got the handmade holster that he made for it also. My Dad used to tell me about hunting with his Dad. If Grandaddy was going hunting this pistol was with him.


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does th s&w model say made by daniel more for s&w

there were 3 models made a really junky break action s&w then a really nice daniel more but the daniel more kind of tilted out instead of just a straight break action it went a little to the side. SW then sued for copyright infringement and there was never another daniel more rimfire instead he was forced to give s&w x number of guns as a penalty for his infingement and s&w just ran his company into the groud till they forced him out of buisness

they were then commonly know in those days as infringement guns due to the curcumstances under which he was forced to manufature them for S&wW

my dasd my be interested in the ammo if it is 32 long rimfire
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