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1917 Remington Enfield

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Does anyone in the forum know anything about the gun ? I would like to hunt with it. Is it worth tinkering with ? Any opinions out here ?

Big bears shot with small caliber weapons need more time to die, if shot in the morning they will probably die sometime after lunch. :lol: Can you guess what they will have for lunch ? :lol:
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Have someone knowledgable check the headspace, and have a borescope inspection of the throat. If those two items are okay, the rifle is good to go. The rest of the action is as close to bulletproof as you can get.

If the throat erosion is very bad, or the headspace is off, it could be rebarreled for a new lease on life.
These are extremely strong actions. I have a 458 Win built on the 1914 version. Keep it!
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