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1st Idaho muley

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I have to toot the horn for my son who moved to Idaho last year. After living on 29 Palms Marine base for 6 years,he got transferred to Boise to work active duty at witha reserve unit. This is the first year that he's been able to hunt for a long time and he's making the best of it.
Last week, he got his first mule deer! He was hauling a deer back to camp that his 1st Sargent had shot, when they spotted this deer on a ridge. After glassing , he decided to shoot. He touched off a round from his new 300WSM and the deer dropped in its tracks. He said it took 4 guys to get it up in the truck. We aren't used to that back here in the east. Our's are small enough to drag out(100-150). The rack on it wasn't typical. It had 5 points on the right side if you include the brow tine and the left side had a brow tine and the main beam was palmated all the way to the tip. Inside measurement was 24 " which is BIG back here. He was tickled about it and told me that he wished I'd been there. Made me kinda tight in the throat for a second or two. He gets to take his stepson out for his first muley hunt later this month. I hope the youngun gets one. It'll be something that they'll always remember. I remember his first deer and I don't know who was prouder ,me or him. There goes the tight throat again,so I guess I better get off of here. Just want to share a hunting story... I don't know who was prouder, ME or MY SON......

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That was great! Thanks for sharing. Congratulations! No 24 inches is not big, but good. Also, no we don't count the Brow tines and we only count one side. So he would have gotten a 24" 4 point non-typical.

In Idaho, the only reason his stepson would not get a buck would be due to his own mishap. There are plenty of bucks out there. Not just Mulies either. They have whitetails too.

I am looking to relocate to Idaho shortly. I have my house on the market and I am going up into the panhandle. Lots of Elk and Moose and black bears there. Not to mentions the deer and Turkeys. All the fishing I'd ever want to do and the sceenery???? 8) :!:

Hopefully I'll be tellin' ya'll about my Elk and Buck hunt next season! :wink:
I'm not far behind you levergun,I want to be back in Montana by may of next year,if the ice is off the passes.I have 4 main passes to get to Helena and ice on them with a moving truck is like snot on glass,I have bad dreams of coming down Mcdonalds pass not being able to brake,sliding all the way down.I too am looking forward to walleye and brown trout.elk and huge muleys.By the way congrats to huntswithdogs for his son getting a muley,way to go man,be proud no matter how big.The times pass so fast we have to stop and think that one day this day will be a memory,we have the ability to make it a good memory.I just looked away for a few minutes and I turned around and my kids are grown and I'm old.I wish I would have stopped making the almighty dollar and became rich with time spent with my kids.We have good memorys,but I could have done better,in hind sight I was a good provider but could have been a better dad and husband.Now I have more yesterdays than tomarrows,so all learn to recognise memorys as they happen,not many years later.All have a good season.Drop-Shot
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Drop shot,

We all are blessed with 20/20 hindsight. All any of us can do is live the best we can. What's that new song out? LIVE LIKE YOU WERE DYING. If you haven't heard this one,check it out. I think its Tim McGraw that sings it. It'll make ya step back and take a deep breath. If you know that you made mistakes where your kids or wife were concerned,and it's bothering you,sit down and have a talk with them. It might be one of the most enlightening things that you've ever done. There may be some crying from all parties involved but it sure feels better to get it out. Been there and got the sopping wet teeshirt. Sadly,there will come a time when you wish that you'd taken the time to say somethings that didn't get said. I wished I'd said some things to my dad before he went over to the otherside 7 years ago,but I've learned to live with my pain.Fix it now!
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Thanks HWD and I'm in the process now of saying things I haven't said before.I sat down with my son (22)and asked why he didn't want to hunt,and for the first time he said I wanted to but you get up too early,and I'm a night person.So when we get back to Montana,I'm buying him his own rifle and scope(he is a lefty) and I want to spend afternoons hunting with my son.My daughter is married and just turned 21,I had promised her a 38 special years ago when she got 21 and I did.She and I used to shoot alot,she hunted with me alot,and after all those years I didn't know why my son didn't want to go also,and now I do,we will hunt afternoons together.I get off medication and hurt so bad I post things that are sad and when I get over medicated I post things I wouldn't under normal circumstances.I'm used to working hard and hunting hard,now I can't do either.When I hear of any young person get there first deer (buck or doe)I'm happy for them.good luck to all hunters and folks that want to but can't hunt.Drop-Shot
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Drop Shot,
You are in WA State right? What is wrong with that? You have Elk and Deer and all kinds of critters. I have a friend that lives in Dayton.

I am going to relocate to the Coeur D'Alane area. So actually not far from Spokan or Montana. I have family in Billings Montana too. But I have never been there.
Levergun the first year I got here I bought a license and went were there was supposed to be,but every hunter in the world was there,I moved over a few miles,still packed with hunters.In 2002 I went again to a different spot and at dawn about 30 people were making a drive and walked 10 feet from me,Over you hunt for a place to hunt.I know where cour,de lane is,right on a lake and good surroundings,great lake trout,rainbow.I should be back in Helena in may,when the passes dry off.When I die I don't want to be put in the ground to rot for 20 years,I want to be cremated and have my ashes on the elkhorn mountain range.I'm looking foward to the calm nights.Here there is a murder or killing every night,in helena it's alarming to here a sirens,every once and awhile,but not often.I'm drinking a glass of tea and I'm toasting-to Montana and for levergun,-to cour'de lane Drop-Shot
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