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2005 Hunting Plans in the works?

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Have you made any concrete hunting plans for 2005? Booked a hunt or leased that perfect piece of land...?

..................................are you going to invite me? :wink: :D
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I have roughly the same plans as last year. Late August/early September in Alaska for ptarmigan hunting with a possibility for caribou if they are around. The wife wants to try bear hunting so there will be a weekend or two in September doing that. There is a possibility for an elk hunt in early October if I don't draw a moose tag in Minnesota. I did not go elk hunting the last two years so I am due for a trip. A trip to Canada for waterfowl/upland in mid-October and a deer/pronghorn trip in late October/early November in Montana though I likely won't do this one if I go elk hunting. If it all works out, I may be gone all of October traveling from one place to another. Early November is the Minnesota firearms deer season with the Wisconsin firearms season the week of Thanksgiving. Janurary or Feburary will be a trip south for quail hunting, depending on when we go billfishing will decide when and whether it will be in Arizona or Texas.
What are your plans? Any trips to far off lands?
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As most all know I plan on being back in Montana and will get my drivers license the day I get to Montana and will put in for a moose tag,elk bull in the elkhorns,as long as I can walk a little I will be out there.I plan on making a system to winch an animal in my truck so I won't have to lift.That thanksgiving bird hunt luv2,you promised to help me break in a 20 guage.Have you guys seen the new stevens 411 side by side?Savage bought them and will also make a stevens rifle.Drop-Shot
I believe the Stevens 411 is a renamed Baikal or one of the Turkish brands. I am not really enamoured with the older versions of these guns (I'm not much into SxS shotguns) and the imported versions are even less appealing in my eyes. If the fit and fininsh are better under the Stevens name then their value may be getting closer to their asking price. I still think they are over priced from the little I've seen of them.
uglydog so you saw one?I haven't seen one close up yet.They had one at our last gunshow but 100 bodies were in the way and I never got to see one.Don't cut those Bakails short,the 12 guage is not so beatifull,just nice but the 20 guage with the nickel reciever,the wood is beautifull and fit and finish is great.The 12 guage is great shooting but I could only handle 4 shots and friends shot it alot.It's well regulated with all load sizes,I expect the 20 to be similar.I will check the 411 stevens out and mabe get one some day.We are saving for our down payment on a house in Montana and I still have to pay for that rebarrell job,so it might be awhile.Drop-Shot
Have started a new post on 411's - see Rifle opinions

Hehe. Starting in the next couple of months my life will be totally thrown to the wind to see where it takes me. My wife is about to graduate from Medical school and we will be moving, but we don't know or get to chose where. I won't make any hunting plans until I know what kind of game are in the area. Right now Inianapolis is our top choice, but we could end up in Tuscon as well. I am sure the species vary quite a bit between the two locations. I am sure that I will be asking about opportunities to hunt when I find out where we will be moving.

05 hunting plans...thus far this year has brought a separation from the wife, and a divorce to follow later in the year. Hunting plans kinda follow that. I live in Va, and plan on being here a bit longer. I think I want to take a Eastern whitetail once before I head back to my beloved Texas. So a couple of deer hunts in Virginia. But for certain, I'll be hunting over the thanksgiving weekend on the family ranch. I took a 9 pt 19.5 inch spread buck last year. I'm hoping to break 20 inches this year. It's rare for me to shoot a buck these days, but maybe just maybe I'll run into one. Bird hunting? Heck, I'm not sure.
Sorry to hear about the split-up I just wish you both happiness and good health.It sure is hot in Texas but it has it's advantagea too, so good luck to you and the misses,stick around and let us know how well you do TXVAshooter,good luck.Drop-Shot
Ive got a weekend of Quail hunting coming up on Feb 19-21 down in Hotlanta. Georgia quail are supposed to be fun. I'm checking into a Moose hunt for the fall in Newfoundland. Might get lucky and land a combo for Caribou and birds.We'll just wait and see.

Drop-Shot said:
Sorry to hear about the split-up I just wish you both happiness and good health.It sure is hot in Texas but it has it's advantagea too, so good luck to you and the misses,stick around and let us know how well you do TXVAshooter,good luck.Drop-Shot

I'll still be here, sir. Whether in Virginia or TExas, I'll be here.

Can't talk about it right now............. too busy fishing :D
Didn't you hear 8point that you can't fish with dynamite?It works as does telephoning fish,but if you have the old telephone be sure to be in a wooded boat.When I was akid my friend down the road had an old telephone that you could crank and build voltage to send a signal through a tiny wire.He and his brother got in a aluminum boat to telephone fish,after about 4or 5 cranks they got so electricuted they jumped in the water,that was worse.folks on the bank finally saved them but reggie's hair all fell out,kids at school thought he was sick so they didn't pick on him and I never told them what really happened.One kid told me reggie sure was a sick kid,I said you will never know how sick he isHave fun 8point.Drop-Shot
If all goes well...

will be going to Texas to do some pig hunting and possibly deer. Will get the usual deer permits for home. If the timing works, and I have the extra cash, I plan to head to Wyoming for antelope (this one might have to wait until next year). Other than that, just the normal upland game and turkey. :wink:

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