220 grain 30-06 ammo?

Discussion in 'Center Fire' started by ZachH, Apr 1, 2005.

  1. ZachH

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    Hello, do any of you riflest have any experience with the 220 grain 30-06 ammo? The thought of launching a 220 grain out of an o'6 is intriguing to me is shooting bullets this big from the 30 the good, bad, or the ugly? Thanks for any imput.
    zach :D
  2. wwb

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    A good, controlled-expansion or bonded-core 220 is just what the doctor ordered for brown bear.... other than that, a 180 is the heaviest '06 you need, and that's just for something the size of elk, moose, and caribou. A 150 to 165 is all you need for anything smaller than that.

  3. Big Yac

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    actually we have some of the 220gr bullets here for our 30-06. Dad got them when he went moose hunting. The gun is a Remington model 721 in 30-06, it has a Leupold 3-9x scope so it has alittle weight. The 220gr bullets do smack my shoulder a bit more than my usual 180gr bullets but its nothing terrible. For me they dont group quite as nice as my 180gr match ammo (duh :) ) but they are pretty accurate none the less getting groups at about an inch. I shot a groundhog one day with one of these and it made it do a complete flip and roll part way down a small hill. Also, these big round nose bullets just look bad :)
  4. mak48

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    Ive shot some out of my ruger and would consider them for hunting dangerous game but honestly they are no fun to shoot at a target. Significantly more recoil than the 168 grain gives me.
  5. luv2safari

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    200s stabalize a bit better on average and do about all you can do in a 30-06 on larger game. I use the 200 gr bullets quite a lot on heavy game everywhere. I also shoot 200s in my old Rem 721 in 300 H&H. They are quite a bit more accurate than the 220s in that rifle.

    I like heavier bullets, as they tend to damage far less meat and kill better in most instances. :idea:
  6. deserttoad64

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    My dad loaded 220 grain RN bullets for his 30-06. All he ever used. Thought it was the best brush load for deer, bear and elk. He loaded some for his son in law who shot a mule deer with them in Idaho (?) and reported back that it was a bit excessive.... My brother would only shoot RN bullets from his 30-06. These guys were what today would be considered "old school" I guess. No matter what people say about the bennies of pointed bullets those old RN brought home the dinner... :shock:
  7. deepwater

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    I only shoot 220gr bullits when im bear hunting,,i went once 25 years ago and i still have 5 rounds left from the 15 i loaded to sight in my 742 -06,,i think i still have part of the bruse too
  8. Wyo. Coyote Hunter

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    :lol: Over the years I have shot some game with 220 Silvertips out of my old .300. They were factory loads, still have 4 or 5 boxes. They killed well, but as L2S said the 200 grain were more accurate. I shot several whitetailed deer, antelope, and at least one axis deer with them. They were good killers with out excessive meat damage. :wink: