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What semi-automatic 22 is the best on the market right now. I don't particularly like the marlin 60 because of all the plastic inside the new ones. I've heard good things about the Ruger 10/22 but I wanted to hear specifically about the new Taurus made Winchester 63's, the Browning auto's and the Remington 552. I'm personally leaning towards the remington because it will hand the short, long, and long rifle shells, but I wanted some other opinions.

ps: this gun will be for open sighted plinking, I have a scoped savage 17HMR with a bull barrel that will consistantly hit a penny at 100 yards for my varmint hunting needs
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I personally like the Ruger as it is very reliable, accurate, and foolproof. Plus there are a number of accessories to allow you to design whatever type of gun you might like. It only handles 22 LR cartridges but I haven't found that to be a problem, they are much cheaper than the other styles of 22 rimfire rounds and found everywhere. Most of my experience with the 552 is with the gallery rifles which were chambered for 22 short only. The only 22 LR chambered gun I was around did not like to shoot the short or long cartridges. Failures to eject and feed were common with it, even after a thorough cleaning. This was in a 70's manufacture 552 which may or may not have a bearing on the problem. I know nothing of the Taurus made 63's and the same for the Browning other than it is the only gun of theirs that does not strike my fancy.
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I'm with uglydog. Have no experience with the others mentioned, but all of the neato things you can do with accessories on a 10/22 makes it the winner in my personal book.

mine will shoot better than I can hold it & looks exotic as heck, which matters not at all except I like it like that!!! :lol:

I traded my 10/22 several years ago to a land owner to get permission to hunt.I have regreted that transaction ever since.The timber was sold and I had permission to hunt 90 acres of cut over,and I had little sucess.I want a 10/22 again and like the laminated stock model.Remingtons semi-auto is nice also but I don't know of the model mentioned,all I know is the ruger 10/22 cornered the semi market till remington came out with it's 22.I had a friend with the browning and he sold it to buy the ruger 10/22 and a high dollar scope.Drop-Shot
10/22.... i've had mine 7 years... great rifle....

Taken its share of rabbits.....LOL....

get one... you'll never regret it!
Another valueable endorsement from a 10/22 owner,thanksFAST97RS .,Drop-Shot
I really like my 10/22 with the bullpup stock and it shoots really fast :wink:
Don't tell anyone but as a youngster(we were poor and had to live off the land)I killed deer with 22 longs,1 hog with a 22 short,he was a small sholt about 40 lbs,I can't count the rabbits,we had a family about a mile from our house and we helped each other,they were black but like family,they were poor also so I hunted for them and us,I've killed a bunch of animals with 22 cal.varmits and eating animals were taken and will continue to take it's fair share.Drop-Shot
remington 597 hands down.
thompson clasic if you want something a little differant in the semi auto.
if you're not opposed to used an old winchester model 74 is a neet and dependable .22 auto.
go ask around at
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