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.243 shooting problems

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got a 243 rem. model 7 last week.went to shoot with 3 diff. loads 57 gr 80gr and 100 gr.could not group any well at 100 yards . i think their may be a barrel problem.also the shots on the paper looked more like tears of about 3/4 in.shot my 30.06 in the same indoor tube range with no problems and they left clean holes. shot the gun the next day and still would not group better than 6 in.and all over. any ideas?
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In your place, I'd rush that rifle to an experienced rifleman for his evaluation. Sounds like maybe a crown :evil: problem or something more :cry: expensive. Good luck.
///olde pharte///
naconst said:
.....also the shots on the paper looked more like tears of about 3/4 in.....
Sounds like "keyholing". That would normally be a problem only if you're shooting extremely heavy (long) bullets in a slow-twist barrel. If the lighter bullets are doing it, there's something SERIOUSLY wrong with that barrel.
Did you buy this new? I'd be on the phone with Remington. Something ain't exactly kosher here. Keyholing is caused by the bullet going end over end. I've shot a few of the Mod 7s and haven't seen this yet. Open your bolt and look down the barrel.It almost sounds like it doesn't have rifling in it.

Were your loads factory ammo?

I brought the gun was def, keyholing.barrel bad.they gave me a 700 classic .243.because i did not want to wait to send out.both were used but in good cond.The new gun shoots great.although i still may get a model 7 in .260 or .7-08.Anybody have one ?thanks for the help!!
I never owned a model 7 but I hunted with one several years when I would go to Alabama and stay with friends.It was a 308 and the scope was a less expensive model where you had to get your eye close to the scope,got bit a couple times from it but the rifle shot as well as any,super smooth action(700) and a super trigger and a joy to hunt with.I thought this would be a great 7mm08 or 257 roberts as the 308 recoil was sharp,not horrible but a lighter round would be more fun to shoot.Just my old opinion.Drop-Shot
naconst; glad to see you got that worked out, the .243 is a grat cal. Have you tried the Sierra 85 gr. gamekings? My 700 seems to have taken well to them.
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