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Went to the range today with the 25 WSSM. It's a Model 70 Stealth. Feeding was fine - a little 3M machine oil on the brass helps.

Got my loading data from

All loads were made up in new, fully resized brass. All cases were deburred and sized at the recommended length.

OAL was the determined by seating a bullet into an empty unprimed case and shortening the depth of the bullet press until the round JUUUSSTT fit into the rifle chamber. Then I set the die a quarter turn deeper into the press.

Started with 40.5 grains of IMR 4895 and worked up to 44 grains. I have been told to use the powder that requires the fewest grains as it is the most effficient.

At the 100-yard range most weights between 40.5 and 43.4 of IMR 4895 were inaccurate.

At 43.5 grains the groups began to come together. There was cratering in the primer where the primer is struck by the firing pin. No machine marks transferred from the bolt face, however.

You can bet that I had the safety glasses on :shock: !

At 44 grains everything came together in a 5-shot, horizontal string, each hole touching the one beside it. :roll:

The website shows 43.9 grains as a max-load in the 87 grain bullet. ( I'm shooting a 90).

Next I will do three things:

1. Start working in tenths of grains from 43.5 to 44.
2. Watch the synthetic stock to see if the barrel is moving between shots. I'll also want to check with a dollar bill whether the barrel is free-floated or has pressure at the forend tip.
3. Have the local smith take a long look at the trigger - just a little heavy (but no creep, thank goodness).

Then I will start playing with bullet depth.

This load has great potential for coyotes. :twisted:

It'll be a couple of weeks before I get back to the range. I hope to be working up a load with with 120 grain Nosler Partitions soon.

Best wishes, Harold

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Finally the rain stopped long enough for me to get to the range.

Results disappointing still. Groups poor ( 1 1/2") at one hundred yards.

Shooting the 90 grain HP starting at 39.5 grains and ending at 40 grains moving .10 grain at a time. best of these poor groups was at 39.8 grains.

Will now fool with bullet depth - still using IMR4895.

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