.257 roberts vs. 25-06

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by markIVbigblock, May 21, 2005.

  1. markIVbigblock

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    Im thinking of getting a new ruger #1 and am debating between these 2 calibers which would you go with and why? I like the .257 rbts because its kind of unusual but that also means its harder to get ammo for I havent looked up the ballistics yet but ill do that later. so help me make my decision. on another note im debating on scopes to top it im looking at the leupold vari-xIII's or the zeiss conquests Ive always had leupold but have always heard great things about zeiss and have wanted to try them but they are a bit more expensive so does anyone have any experience with these 2? does the zeiss have an edge over leupold?? thanx

  2. shooter93

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    They are both good catridges and although the Roberts can be loaded to +P pressures it will still be a bit behind the 06 round. That being said....I'm a Roberts fan from beining to end and if you handload brass is readily availableso no trouble loading for it.

  3. mountainview

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    I also love the "quirky" calibers and having something out of the ordinary and this lead me to get a 25-06 when it first became a commercial Rem cartridge many moons ago. I used it to great effect on varmints (87 grain HPs were dynamite on chucks and crows) and deer (100 or 120 grains would fill the freezer) and now am passing it on to my son.

    Though the 25-06 has a bit more "pep", both the cartridges are nice so go for the one that you like best or do what I'd do if I had the coin to do so, get both (a guy can never have too many firearms and getting a bigger gunsafe just means that many more empty slots to fill :wink: ).

    Can't comment on the Zeiss but on the rare occasion I needed to contact Leupold, they always seem to do right by the customer and their optics are top notch so you'd hardly go wrong getting a Leupold.

    Safe shooting.
  4. tony kosinski

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    i just picked up a 25/06 last year and have been working up some loads for it and getting it dialed in for an antelope hunt in sept. i really like the groups i have been getting with it .i think this could be a real tack driver given the right fodder.i have been very pleased with the performance of this 25 ..tony
  5. mike .308

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    Probaly a .25-06 because it has more range.