30.06 m1 garrand question. please help

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by m12wolfe, Dec 28, 2004.

  1. m12wolfe

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    i have an m1 garrand made by international harvester. i know it is a rare rifle and it is in really good condition. matching wood and has had less than 200 rounds put through it. where can i find a value for this particular rifle? i may consider selling it. i hate to, but have fallen on hard times. please help.
  2. Levergun

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    If the wood looks like you say, I think it would be worth about $100.00. I would be happy to take it off of your hands and take you out of your hard times. :lol:

    I don't have my book handy, but I will look and see if I can't get you a ball park value. Off the top of my head, about $800-$1000.00.

    I'll see what I can come up with. I have just relocated to Idaho and most of my reloading stuff and books are still packed up. Give me a bit. I am sure some one here will pop in and provide some further info. :wink:

    But if you need $100 bucks. I'll take that rifle off your hands! :lol:

  3. B540Glenn

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    Just out of curiosity, how do you know it has had less than 200 rounds through it? Are you the original owner? Was it issued to you? Did you buy it new/unissued?

    If you are the original owner and can prove it, your garand could demand a premium price.