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30-06 vs. .358 Win.

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Question of the day:

I have a chance to pick up a .358 Winchester in a 99. Already have a couple '06s ( bolt and auto).

My old Sierra loading manual shows that both cartridges push a 200 gr. bullet about the same speed, given that 30-06 is a little faster on paper as it was tested out of a 26' barrel. The .358 was tested out of an 18.5 inch barrel (Mohawk 660?).

It is always fun to fool with a new rifle - but am I kidding myself :? that there is any significant BALLISTIC difference?

Best wishes, Harold
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At the muzzle, they both have about the same energy. Some folks say that a larger caliber, given equal energy, has more "punch" than a smaller caliber..... I ain't goin' there.

The '06 (.30 cal), for the same bullet weight, has a higher sectional density and a better ballistic coefficient.... the farther from the muzzle you get, the greater the advantage the '06 has; it will not shed velocity as fast as a .35 cal of the same weight.
I never let such thinking get in the way of buying a new rifle for the collection. :wink: IF I did, there would be a lot of empty space in my cabinet. :cry:

Sounds like a nice rig, what the heck, if you like it, go for it. Like you said, few things are more fun than working up a new rig that has been added to the collection. Plus a 99 in 358 is not something that you come across everyday.

Safe shooting.
LOL why not just compromise and go and buy a remington 700 chambered for 35 whelen. The whelen combindes both of the great cartridges. :p
NOOOO!!! I want it :D
Zack I own a browning BLR in 358 and have only shot it 5 times,it's very accurate but you are right about the 35 whelen,I watched a man shoot an elk at close to 200 yards,the elk fell like it was struck by lightening.The bullet passed through both sides and tore up every thing in between.That 35 don't look good on paper but it sure kills.Drop-Shot
Hey 8point how are you doing,I just started getting around again.I had an epidurial steriod injection and it made me sick as a dog.I'm better though and I went down to the gunsmiths shop to see how my action was doing.He said he squared the bolt face,it wasn't off much but a little,and lapped the locking lugs,he knew I had it done before and said he was done in 15 min.He is waiting on the #5 contour barrell.He told me it would be done about the middel of march back when I dropped it off and that time frame is still the same,I can't shoot it anyway.I have to get that Montana magic to get better so I can see how well that rascal shoots.Drop-Shot
Just don't do anything to mess yourself up. I want to here some huntin stories from you so take it easy :) .As for me , I've been real busy. At work and at the huntin club cutting trails. All this and now I'm getting ready for fishing.
Hey 8point fresh water or salt?Drop-Shot
Both :) I will be doing mostly fresh but in June we will go down to Panama City Florida and go out deep sea fishing and maybe a day in the bay.
I used to go to pensecloa and scuba dive a wreck 28 miles out,I saw grouper and other fish I can't remmember the name of and we speared red snapper till the sharks came around,then we left.1 lady had a barracuda attack her catch bag,it had a silver button and the fish smell and something shinny made them attack.The first full moon when the water hits 64 degrees the bass go on beds and at about the same time the brim start bedding and lay eggs at 68 degrees.I still remmember.Good luck and happy fishing.Drop-Shot
8point amberjack is the name of the large fish we saw at the rigs and at the wrecks.The name escaped me.They are real bloody as most likely you know, but offshore we used to catch them and cut their tails off and they blead a bucket full of blood.If you don't bleed them the meat is more brown.I used to service compressor packages for Mobile oil out of mobile bay and offshore less than 1 mile,boy we used to catch sand trout and red snapper,and ling like crazy.I miss that.Enjoy.Drop-Shot
8-pt & D-S,

What caliber do you use for amberjack... :roll: I would suggest a synthetic/stainless rifle in whatever caliber as long as it is 416 or bigger. :wink:

NOW, GET BACK TO RIFLES... :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :wink:
358 for sure.Hey guys I lost my chrony,a friend wanted to shoot the 338 and I set the skyscreen 15 feet away and told him to aim high,he hit the chrony.Now I know what a 225 gr winchester gold will do to a chrony.Mine was old and when I bought it it was 44.00 so it's time to get another.They are about double but thats still cheaper than the oehler.Drop-Shot
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