30 cal sabots

Discussion in 'Handloads' started by paboyinva, Sep 11, 2004.

  1. paboyinva

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    I recently acquired some 30 cal sabots and 224 cal 55 gr winchester soft point bullets. I was thinking of loading up a couple of boxes for my 30-06. I've heard that recoil is minimized due to the plastic sabot, and that velocities over
    4,000 fps are achievable. Also understand that accuracy varies widely. Anyone have any experience with these things?
  2. wwb

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    I believe Remington still offers them, factory loaded - they were called Accelerators , and were available in .30-30 and .30-06. I tried some in .30-30 quite a few years ago...... the chrono said "Yup, they're fast", but the group was the size of a '56 Buick at 100 yards. Haven't tried them since, and haven't tried to load my own.

  3. Anonymous

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    I remember the remington accelerators. Never tired them. I think they were discontinued. I think performance is partly determined by length of the core bullet and twist rate of the rifle, the latter which probably varies amongst the 30 cal rifles that these sabots can be used in. Whether for good or ill, I understand that sabots will soon be available for 7mm calibers and are also available for .50 cal (using a 30 cal core bullet).