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Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by jcwat, Sep 18, 2005.

  1. jcwat

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    i'm thinking about a new rifle. does anyone have any info/experiences with the .300 rem ultra mag?????? with reloading a option, it seems like it woould be a do anything rifle.
  2. huntswithdogs

    huntswithdogs Moderator

    If you don't mind recoil you'll be okay. One of my younguns has one of these and it's a BEAST. Beings as how you've already mentioned reloading,then the need for factory ammo isn't a problem.
    I was you,I'd buy a 300Winmag. The recoil isn't near as bad, ammo is readily available and there isn't all that much of a difference in velocity,drop and kenetic energy.


  3. luv2safari

    luv2safari Moderator

    I agree with HWD. The 300 Win Mag is all anyone needs for hunting N. America and is much nicer to shoot, less expensive to shoot, won't result in flinching, and doesn't burn the heck out of throats.

    The only justification for the Ultra Mags is to sell guns, IMHO. They are so overbore and innefficient that they border on folly. :idea:
  4. jcwat

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    i checked out the ballistics on the .300 win mag. they look really close. i guess once i save up a bunch of shiney pennies i'll probably go with the win mag. thanks guys.
  5. Drop-Shot

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    jcwat good evening guy.I know a man here and have called him a friend from way back when I used to live here before and still visit alot.He has only 1 rifle,a 300 win mag for everything he hunts,Elk,Deer,Moose,Antelope,has taken a ram and a sheep and bear,all with 1 gun.The 300 win mag will do all you need.Have a good evening.Drop-Shot
  6. 1gsplover

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    :roll: Every time (about monthly) I begin to get all hot and bothered that I "NEED" another rifle, my killjoy cheapskate son hands me the ballistics page for his 300 WinMag... it IS about a do-it-all rifle for North America. What it can't handle, my 375 H&H can. So here I sit with that empty slot in the gunsafe just worrying me to death! :lol: Yes, seriously, the 300 WinMag is IMHO the way to go, for all the good reasons the other guys gave ya. Shoot safe.
    ///olde 8) pharte///
  7. j870sm

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    I have one. It has more recoil than the 300 Win. and Wby. mag but I had a recoil reducer and a muzzle brake installed. It tamed the gun pretty well. I don't know if my 300 win mag is all I need or if my 300 Weatherby is over kill what I do know is my 300 Ultra will shoot smaller groups way out there.
    I never gave those recoil reducers much thought but the first time I fired the Ultra I felt something had to be done and quick.
    I can't really tell you which of the devices did the most for reduction of felt recoil as both were installed at the same time. I will say this though, you will have no friends left after a day at the shooting range shooting the Ultra. The muzzle brake made it deafening to shoot and it kicks up a lot of dust.
    IF you like the Ultra get it, you won't be sorry as long as you go in knowing the cost of the ammo is a little higher than 300 wins but not as much as Weatherby.
    Oh, one thing to wach out for with the Ultra!!!!! Ya know when you roll the power up on your scope and you are shooting slightly up hill and you move your head closer to the scope? That red stuff that runs down the bridge of your nose after the shot is blood. ADD Recoil reducer and muzzle brake!!!!!
  8. Dirigo

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    300 RUM is for girls, get the 30-378 WBY mag :D
  9. idahoriflelover

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    The thing about the 300 Remington Ultra Mag is that companys like Weatherby and Remington have always wanted to be considered the big boys. With that said, I agree with the fact the a 300 Win mag will do all that is needed. Granted, the Ultra shoots faster, flatter, and hits harder, but it also kicks a noticable difference harder.
    If you reload, ammo won't be to bad, if you buy from the shelf, I believe ammo for the Ulta is twice as much.
    I own a 300 Win Mag and a 300 Ultra, and I like the Ultra a little more.
    Keep in mind, from an Elk's point of view, there is no difference.hahaha