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well it looks like i will be sleeping on the couch tonight but i think i found a good deal i could not pass up.

weatherby fiberlight mark 5 in 300 weaterby mag with a leopold 3X9X40 veri X II scope.. absolutely beuitiful riffle would say 98%

this thing looks spotless and at 661.48 out the door i couldn't pass it up but at the same time i am kicking myself.

i found a remington 740 in about 60 percent condition 30-06. plenty of freckling on the bluing barrel reciever and all. not the worst i have seen but well loved and not cared for so to speak...had a one year garuntee on it though.

bore was still fairly clean though with no rings or dark spots.

199.99 the second i put it down somone snaged it and ran off like a kid in a candy store. still kicking myself in the rear for that so i compensated with the weatherby :) none the less i'll be on the couch tonight :lol:

i am assuming though that this will definately need a deceleraton pad and probably a muzzle break or magna porting

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i was thinking a pachmayer reducer as well ad a murcury recoil reducer they sell for inside the stock.

weatyherby wants 150 for theirs but you can pick up benelli and other brands for about 40.
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