300 WBY or 340 WBY?

Discussion in 'Medium Bore' started by Anonymous, Nov 27, 2004.

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    I've got my heart set on a new Weatherby AccuMark, (lefty) but am still considering a caliber. I'll be hunting pigs, bear, some jacks for practice and deer. (I'll also be applying for Elk and sheep tags) I know this sounds like an easy choice but I still like get some input from the "rifle guys".

    The reason why I'm thinking about the .340 is just a little extra "omph" incase I get a sheep or elk tag. And since I can buy 180 .338 bullets, I figured it would make "though-too-pwerful" but nice black bear, deer and pig cartridge. I will be handloading and will be putting a minimum of forty rounds a month through whichever rifle I get.

    Thanks in advance!
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    i would go w/ the .300 wby i have been contemplating this myself and i decided on the .340 wby for when i get the chance to go grizzley hunting in alaska ( which will be a long ways off if i ever even get the chance ) but then again for elk and everything i have a 300 win mag and a .338 win mag i just want the 340 cuz its different and i want variety ive also wanted one for a while. but for what u described the .300 wby will do it all


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    Thanks Mark!

    The .300 it is.
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    Go with the 300 for many reasons. It is a far better choice for sheep, antelope, caribou, deer, black bear and varmits. The 340 is overkill for all but large Alaskan bears and maybe an Alaskan moose. If you want to shoot 180 gr bullets, do it in a .30 cal; they love 180's. I wouldn't use anything smaller than 225's in the 340. I like 250's much better in the 338 and 340, but they tend to pound one's shoulder and jiggle teeth somewhat. The 300 will take a big bear with a good 200 or 220 gr bullet, and it has many more practical uses than does the 340.

    ALSO...the 340 will get most shooters flinching!! IT WILL!...TRUST ME. I have a 300 Wby and a 338 Win; they each have their purpose, but the 300 Wby would do anything I would ask of it in North America. One of my favorite rifles is my old Remington in 300 H&H, the parent of the Wby. With its 26" barrel I can reach out and touch about anything I want to out to 350-400 yards. It has taken everything from the small Steenbok, to pronghorn to a 2,000 pound Livingstone's Eland...and did it well.

    The 300 Wby is a good round. I did find that a Remington 700 chambered in it shot rings around my German Wby MKV, however. I am not a fan of Wby's free boring and whippy #1 contour barrels. I am of the opinion that the Remingtons will out shoot the Weatherbys, punching paper. Also, though, I bought my Wby many years ago...and STILL have it. That says something... :wink:
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    Well, if your going to hunt deer with it a 340 would be overkill. A 300 would be better but its still a bit powerful for deer. I'd go with something smaller if thats all your going to hunt. I'd do the .308 if I were you because it'll handle everything you want to do. Not to mention you can buy military ammo and use that to target shoot.