.308 and 7.62 nato

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by mike .308, Sep 25, 2005.

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    Well I don't reload so I was looking for some surplus ammo for my.308. Mainly for recreational target shooting. I found a box of 7.62 nato which I always thought could be cycled through a .308. Than just before I bought it the guy said wasn't chambered for a .308, so I held off. Is it true it can't cycle through a .308?
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    There is a lot of controversy on this. There is a slight difference between military and civilian brass. The military stuff is thicker. The loading data will be a little different, and whether it feeds and chambers correctly or not depends on the chamber of your rifle.

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    in my oppinion both cartridges are the same but also u have to remember that military ammo cant be reloaded cuz it aint boxer primed but hey u cant beat the price of surplus ammo cuz i saw in a catalog that u could get 400 rds of surplus .30-06 ammo for like under 100 bucks
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    Here's an article explaining the differences:

    Fulton Article

    As wired said, it depends on the chamber in YOUR rifle.
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    B540Glenn beat me to the article, this is one of the better explainations around especially for the average, non-technical shooter. Fortunately there is no problem using military surplus in commercial arms which is the exact opposite of the .223/5.56 rounds.
    By the way, most military surplus I've run across is Boxer primed in the .308, about the only cartridges that aren't are the European and Soviet calibers and sometimes ammo made in those countries. When using mil-surplus one has to adjust powder charges downward to take into account the lesser volume due to thick brass and to remove the crimp from the primer pocket. Otherwise it reloads well.