30mm chain gun (Warning: Goes Off Topic)

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    Someone told me about a humerous video of an iraqi shooting a rifle at an indoor range. I googled "Iraqi target shooting" and eventually found the video. When the gun goes off, its recoil knocks the guy off the bench and onto his butt. His buddy laughs hysterically. You will too. Anyway, my search also turned up some other videos. One is called "Apachehit.mpg". It is a short video through the FLIR
    (forward looking infra red) gun sight of an apache longbow helicopter. The apache liberates 3 iraqi men with its 30mm cannon, using high explosive rounds. These high explosive rounds are more than twice the size of 50 cal rounds. The chain gun spits em out at 650 a minute, 2700 fps at the muzzle, and the gun has a range of 6 km. Since watching the video, it is now my fav big game load. The video of the C130 attack of a terrorist camp in Afghanistan (ordered and executed during Clinton's 2nd term) is also available for viewing at www.FactsofIsrael.com.