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I have been thinking about gettin a lever action .357 Mag. Does anyone have any experiance with one? How well do the shoot?
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I have one and I also have one in 44 mag. The 357 shoots flatter and will shoot tighter groups out past 100 yds. The 44 definitely shoots harder though. I have taken hogs with both and they both work but the 44 has authority.
Hey j870sm (and anyone else with a .357), what sort of groups do you get with your .357 and what maker and model ?
I would like to get a rifle in this caliber too, I'd mostly use it for plinking, Foxes and cat's.
I can get 1in or better with the .357 but it has open sights and my eyes are starting to go. I can hit coke cans and clays out to 75 yds with no problems. I bought the .357 because I have a 6 shooter and they compliment each other. Both the .357 and .44 are Marlins and I have to say they are very good guns. I have had no problems with either and they seem to be really accurate.
I have a buddy that has the same gun as above but in .45LC and it is a thumper as well.
Thanks j870sm, a coke can at 75 is good enough for what I'd be using it for :wink: , may have to check out prices.
The 357 mag is great for coyotes but a little lite for big bad things like mother-inlaws.Drop-Shot
Well Foxes are smaller than coyotes and I don't yet have a mother-inlaw so it should suit just fine :lol: .
Hey iresh9,Do you reload?The 357 can be safly loaded up for any size bullet and I don't think there is a cat or a fox that I could not hit,as long as it's not too far,besides my mind,my eyes are going also_Out to about 50 yards I still can make milk jugs sweat.The round is capabul of longer ranges but not for me,I have to use optics out past 50 yards.But If you don't mind,how is the crime rate there?I have heard that when gun laws are enacted,the crime rate does not really go down,how about there?Drop-Shot
Drop-Shot.... careful with that .357 reloading. I can load 180 grain bullets, but ONLY for the revolver, as the overall length is beyond spec, and they won't feed in a lever gun. Depending on the powder type and charge, if you stuff a 180 in far enough to meet OAL, you could easily end up with a compressed load. In some cases, that could be VERY bad.

For shooting in a lever gun, it's best to stick with 158's.
wwb before any one would reload they would have to buy all the componants in a manual,how else which primer,best powder,and bullet choices are out there to be picked?I shot silloutte for 11 years and am aware you can over charge a round,but to find out which componants you need to have you to have a manual,,I mentioned reloading not giving out load data.Im getting older and wiser I guess and I have noticed you don't give out load data and that is smart,There are some folks that don't need to reload,I know a man that shoots a 45/120 and has never weighed a load,he shot Blackpowder but the same can apply,you can over charge any thing.Easy big fellow I should have made it more clear,but you have to admit you can load 357 above 10mm velocitys safely,That is all I was saying.Drop-Shot
I am also A Marlin .357 lever Man :) I have not shot it a lot, but it sure is nice. one of the nicest rifle I have ever owned.

I have some rounds to try out, with 125grain Hornady XTP's and H110 for the 2k fps kind of numbers.
We have been using our Smith & Wesson 686's for hog/deer hunting for some time with hard cast heat treated large meplat 175"s and 180's. We also use the Remigton 180 jacket bullets sometime.
There are some very nice bullets in the 175/180 gr hard cast class over on Beartooth Bullets ( that are designed to feed in the Marlins. Due to less friction, these hard cast can be pushed faster than jacketed with the same pressure.
However, it is important that these hard cast have a extra large meplat!
I am not saying that the .357 Mag. matches the the .44's, but do say it does work very good when using the heavies!.............James
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