.40 cal, .45 acp, or .357 magnum

Discussion in 'Off-Topic' started by mike .308, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. mike .308

    mike .308 Well-Known Member

    If someone was breaking into your house, which would you rather have, a .40 cal, .45 acp, or a .357 magnum.
  2. wired

    wired Guest

    12-gauge with buckshot, bare minimum.

    Use good bullets (Golden Sabers, Hydrashoks, etc), and the caliber of handgun doesn't matter too much, but bigger is almost always better. Whatever you shoot best is the one you should use.

  3. Papadoodles

    Papadoodles Super Member

    If limited to those three I would chose the .357 and use Speer Gold Dot. Second choice would be the .45. Over penetration is a real problem in homes and the lawyers are waiting for you.

    OR, a 12 gauge with smaller shot - nasty at close range but loses energy quickly.
  4. uglydog

    uglydog Super Member

    As wired said, a shotgun would be preferred, followed by any of my carbines; Marlin 9mm Camp Rifle, M1 carbine, or AR-15/M-4 variant. If forced to use a handgun, any of the calibers would suffice. My preference is the 45 ACP because I shoot mine very well but I have used all the mentioned calibers at one time or another and still have guns in those chamberings. My only reservation to the 357 is the muzzle flash I've experienced in my 4" barreled M-66. If one were to use it in low light conditions, it would not be unusual to be blinded for a bit and still have spots to contend with. This makes for poor follow up shots if needed. Modern powders may have alleviated this somewhat as my last experiences with the 357 at night are nearly a decade old. Use a good bullet like the XTP, Golden Saber, Hydra-Shock, etc., and your gun will be better prepared than you.