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Winchester Says Good-Bye To The 9422

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Winchester Says Good-Bye To The 9422
January 1, 2005
MORGAN, UTAH— Since 1972, Winchester® has built one of the most famous and best loved rimfires on the market: the Model 9422. More than just a rimfire rifle, it is a foundation for learning accuracy, safety and building good memories. Model 9422s are appreciated by firearms aficionados and first-time buyers alike. The smooth, fluid action, special target crowns for improved accuracy and excellent fit and finish were all the evidence necessary to show that they were built to higher standards than other rimfires. Now, after 33 years, production of the time- honored Model 9422 is ending. The tooling is being retired, and the production line at the New Haven, Connecticut facility will stop. Never again will you have the opportunity to purchase rifles like these final production 9422s. In a well-deserved final applause, a special, limited edition run of only 9,422 will be produced in a Tribute Series, and 222 in the Custom Edition. Do not delay in selecting your rifle, you won’t get a second chance.
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It's probably economics. How many of us have the money to burn on a sweet, ok yes absolutly beautiful 22 lever for a grand, when you can go to Gander mnt. and pick up a 22 lr for about 100 clams.
Whats worse now is it looks as if USRA is closing the Conn. Winchester plant. Since Olin of corse owns the name rights there are rumors and talk as usuall.
I have the first 9422M sold in El Paso county, Texas with a seral number under 10,000 im absolutely mint condition!

There was a waiting list for them when I was called by a friend who was the manager of a sporting goods store In El Paso, and told they had gotten in two rifles. The two were a 9422, and a 9422M and I was asked which I wanted, to which I replied, "BOTH!" He said I could only have one of them and I'd have to come in on sunday when the store was closed so they wouldn't have a run on the store, because they wanted to keep one to show, till they could get a steady supply. Nice little rifle, but I still don't know why I wanted it! I've had it over 30 yrs, and have fired two boxes od shells through it. I bought four boxes when I bought the rifle, and still have two boxes! :lol: :lol: :lol: :eek:
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