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Discussion in 'Single Shots and Slide Action' started by Anonymous, Oct 19, 2004.

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    have a gamemaster 760 pump in a .270 (new to me) but the shells that I bought for it don't seen to chamber correctly. they seem to be too long - they measure out at 3.3 inches in total length, casing measures 2.5 inches. when I pump the shell into the chamber I can't get the pump fully extended and the breech seems to still be open since the bullter only seems to seat about 80% into the bore. Am I using the wrong sized ammo?? baffled, but new to the rifle (or anything larger than a .22 for that matter) so its not a suprise...
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    You need to make sure that(1)Make sure that there's nothing in your bore (2) make sure that you've got the correct ammo(are you sure that your gun is a 270 and not a 280 or vica-versa) If all this stuff works out to be okay,Get this gun to a gunsmith SOON! DO NOT FIRE IT!!!! Something ain't exactly kosher in pickleville here!


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    Take the gun apart and make sure everythings in order if everything is fine there is two things you should do:

    1. By different brands or brand of ammunition.

    2. Take the gun to a gunsmith.
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    i had the same issue, It is not the bullet it is the barrel has loosened from the receiver. I The first shot out of the spout is fine but you can't cycle the second? I tried to have it pressed back in but it wouldn't hold and got loose after a couple shots. Remington wouldn't beleive it and asked if I was using it for a lever/jack!!!! Another way to tell is if you can't get a good pattern on sighting in, also asked if I was shooting handloads that were beyond spec (no)/. I ended up tossing the gun, unsafe! I bought a Weathermaster 7600 in 30-06 and am happy/ I have shot these pump guns for 40 years, that carbine was thr first one to ever give me a problem.