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    just picked up a 77/22VMBZ. Paid 400 new in box. Was this a good price or not. Also had the option of getting a regular one in 17HMR for the same price. Did I get the right one? Also does anyone make a kit to inprove the trigger pull. I got one from Mitchel on the web. Fairly easy to install with great results.
  2. huntswithdogs

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    Don't buy another rifle,buy another barrel. My brotherinlaw bought on off the web for his and loved it.

  3. luv2safari

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    I prefer the 22 version to the 17...If these have the MKII trigger like the HP rifles, Timney has a good replacement trigger. It needs fitting done with extreme care, however.

    I put Timneys in my 416 Rigby and my 338 SS MKIIs and now love the rifles. Cost...about $80.00 each and 1/2 hour of filing/fitting. It isn't rocket science...
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    I put a Volquartsen sear and spring in my 77/22. There was an immediate improvement in pull weight. But after several thousand rounds it smoothed up even more. I'm guessing it's now around 1 pound of pull. I put an overtravel screw through the trigger guard which made it even better.