9mm carbine

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by Anonymous, Jan 9, 2005.

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    Now, is a 9mm carbine an inferior weapon or is it often mistaken as a good gun? I've been told by many friends of mine, all Marines, that the 9mm is a fun gun, not a hunting gun. I'm not looking for a hunting gun but i'm not just looking for a fun gun either. Are the 9mm carbines reliable rifles, or should i just go and spend my $300 elsewhere?
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    As a house gun, a 223 will penetrate fewer walls and do a better job stopping those that need stopping. As a predator/varmit gun the 223 has the 9 outclassed for range and fur friendlyness. 9mm and 223 mil-surp ammo is roughly the same price.

    I just can't think of an autoloader 223 carbine that's $300.