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  1. Well today I shot my new rifle for the first time. It is a Marlin model 60 .22 with a Bushnell Banner adjustable scope. For some reason after 1 3/4 hours of shooting I couldn't get the scope to be zeroed. Most of the shots were way low. They weren't even on the paper. Of course I have no experience with a scope so maybe thats my problem.

    A couple of guys were at the range and were shooting a full auto AR in .22 caliber. They let me shoot a couple 50 round mags and boy that was fun. They also let me try the Colt 1911 .45 handgun. Now that was fun despite it bitting me on the first shot because I had my hand in the way of the slide.

    The worst thing that happened was that I nearly got frost bitten because it was so darn cold out and I only had my sneakers on. My toes are still cold and I had to leave early because I couldn't stand it any more.
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    Sounds like you leaded the barrel up from all that shooting . .22's are notorious for dirtying up a barrel real fast so give it a good cleaning and see if that doesnt clear it up.

  3. I'm going to give it a good cleaning and raise the elevation a lot and see what happens.
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    Double check your rings and bases. Scope itself could also be the problem but more likely it is something to do with the rings/bases.

    Safe shooting.
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    I'd have to agree with this guy. After cleaning up your new boomstick, check to make sure the scope isn't moving around. I was sighting in a scope that I had on my M1A and I was spraying bullets all over the place. An old fart at the range was making disparaging comments about my marksmanship. I put the rifle down to go collect my target, and the scope almost fell off the rifle. I felt pretty dumb.
  6. I already checked and the scope isn't moving.
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    At what range (distance) were you shooting? I have a Model 60 also and at 100 yards no scope will compensate for the drop. Try 50 yards.

  8. I was shooting at 50 yards. Today I went back to the range and the problem was solved. I maxed out on the windage however and it still shoots an inch to the left but not enough to matter. Especially for just casual shooting. I brought with me Remington Thunderbolts, Remington Target (green and blue box), CCI Mini-Mags, Federal Bulk, CCI Velocitors, CCI Stingers, Remington Subsonic, and CCI CB longs. The Remington target was the most accurate. It made one ragged hole after 5 rounds at 50 yards. The Federal Bulk was the second most accurate. The worst shooting ammo was either Stingers or Mini-Mags but they were still accurate enough for what I use them for. The rest of the ammo was all about the same. I never got to try CB Longs but I will in the future.