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A possum, a dog, a wife, and a pellet rifle.

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If you get the first in the garage door trying to get the garbage and the ankle biter (minature poodle) gets out (and nipped) The third starts screaming (literally). That gets the pellet rifle into play. I started with 2 pumps of the Daisy 856 (bought originally to keep stray dogs out of the yard) and pellets to chase the possum out. Well, it bowed up and started hissing and snapping at me. Up to 5 pumps. Same routine. Got out the flashlight because I figured I was missing in the dark. Up to 10 pumps between the eyes from 5 feet addled the critter. 10 more pumps at the base of the ear from a few inches made for a dead possum with a pass through.

Moral of the story, those cheap pellet rifles have some pop.
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You didn't by chance get any video of this action, did ya? After reading this and trying not to blow my coffee out of my nose,I figured if ya did have the video you could win America Funniest Video with this one! Pretty funny now ,but been there done that and it ain't no fun while its going on.

No, but it was probably funnier than you are imagining. I was barefoot in jams & a tank top and it was 24deg outside. I brought ONE pellet the first three times (I've ran dogs off with one many times). Then I brought 3 or 4. Then I brought the whole box.

I figured I was missing because it wasn't leaving. Our dog was super friendly after that. I'm his new hero. :p
grimel I can't remmember if I told you that my dad was stationed in fort campbell(Home of the screaming eagles the 101st) and we lived across the line in clarksville Tenn and as a young kid I ran all over the woods along the cumberland river bottoms.My dad had friends that **** hunted and we used head lights with carbide cannester,we would light it and would last a couple of hours.I ran ahead of my dad and friends to where a **** was treed,I walked a log to get to the tree the **** was in,but the **** jumped out of the tree and ran by me and the dogs knocked me off the log and my carbide and matches got wet.I wondered around till daylight,not too crazy about **** hunting after that.But I have to admit Tenn was a nice place.Drop-Shot

Yes, you told me. That's just one reason to not be crazy about **** hunting. Running at night through Tn woods is another. It really is a nice place. Especially if you like deer meat and fishing. We have 5 of the top stripper lakes in the country, several very good bass lakes, and 2 of the top 100 trout streams.
Howdy guys,

When I get gerbals in the garage I just break out the 30-06.
too funny

Too funny, Grimel! :lol:

Jay G.
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