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Discussion in 'H&R/NEF' started by dislocatedokie, Jun 13, 2004.

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    A friend of mine needed replacement grips for his Ruger MK2, and there happened to be a gunshow in town this weekend. So, I agreed to go with him down to the show in Portland to look for some grips...Went on my lunch as I am working weekends. Found Hogue wrap arounds for $12, and a spare mag for $16 so he was set. I did not want to waste the trip, so did some wandering and looking. And then it happened! A deal I could not refuse! NEF single shot, SB-2 frame, wood stock and forearm, .243 Win HB with an old, metal tube Tasco 3-9 on it. The scope had case rub on the metal, and there is one tiny chip out of the stock, less than ¼" across and maybe a sixteenth of an inch deep. Strictly cosmetic, nothing that a dab of brown marker will not hide. Oh, and the price? Package deal for $169 +$9 background check fee. As I said, I could not refuse, so this sweet little rifle went home with me. I stripped it, cleaned it and oiled it and now it is waiting to be carried off for sighting in! Hopefully Wednesday I will get to the range...
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    Excellent price! Even with the crummy background fee. :roll:

    Our Washington (arms collectors - WAC) gun show memberships already pay for our background checks. :wink:

    That Handi-Rifle would have still been a great deal $50 more, which is what our Seattle shows probably would have offered it for. So congrats. 8)

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    Hey dislocatedokie,how long have you been vancouver?You have some public land around you so get the okie gun ready.Have you connected with a washington hunter yet?Go to the gunshow in chailish and look for the club section.They are always looking for new people.Drop-Shot