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A trip to the gunshow...

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A friend of mine needed replacement grips for his Ruger MK2, and there happened to be a gunshow in town this weekend. So, I agreed to go with him down to the show in Portland to look for some grips...Went on my lunch as I am working weekends. Found Hogue wrap arounds for $12, and a spare mag for $16 so he was set. I did not want to waste the trip, so did some wandering and looking. And then it happened! A deal I could not refuse! NEF single shot, SB-2 frame, wood stock and forearm, .243 Win HB with an old, metal tube Tasco 3-9 on it. The scope had case rub on the metal, and there is one tiny chip out of the stock, less than ¼" across and maybe a sixteenth of an inch deep. Strictly cosmetic, nothing that a dab of brown marker will not hide. Oh, and the price? Package deal for $169 +$9 background check fee. As I said, I could not refuse, so this sweet little rifle went home with me. I stripped it, cleaned it and oiled it and now it is waiting to be carried off for sighting in! Hopefully Wednesday I will get to the range...
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Excellent price! Even with the crummy background fee. :roll:

Our Washington (arms collectors - WAC) gun show memberships already pay for our background checks. :wink:

That Handi-Rifle would have still been a great deal $50 more, which is what our Seattle shows probably would have offered it for. So congrats. 8)
Hey dislocatedokie,how long have you been vancouver?You have some public land around you so get the okie gun ready.Have you connected with a washington hunter yet?Go to the gunshow in chailish and look for the club section.They are always looking for new people.Drop-Shot
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