Accuracy advantages with a Muzzle Brake on a .243?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by njbowhntr, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. njbowhntr

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    Hello all,

    I am building a .243 from a Remington 700 action that I had laying around. I have ordered a Shilen barrel for the rig so far. I am just wondering if there are any real accuracy advantages of installing a muzzle brake on a small caliber. If so, could someone suggest a muzzle brake. I have looked at numerous ones online, but would really like some user reviews.

    Thank you in advance.
  2. wwb

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    A muzzle brake is for recoil reduction - it won't do anything for accuracy. I'd say it's not necessary on a .243, since the recoil is pretty light to begin with. The other thing a muzzle brake will do is make the report LOUD !!!

    You may have it confused with the BOSS, which can be ported (like a muzzle brake) or non-ported. That device is screwed in or out to "tune" the barrel vibrations to a particular load, allowing you to tune the gun to the load rather than having to tune the load to the gun.

  3. huntswithdogs

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    Don't worry about a brake on a 243. They have very managable recoil(light). As WWB stated, they will reduce recoil on larger calibers,but you pay with unmanagable noise! LOUD,VERY VERY LOUD!!! Folks see ya coming at the range will leave before you touch off the first round! Don't worry about it.Get a good barrel ,med or heavy and have at it.

    Oh,if you want more info on brakes,do a search and read the comments.It could prove to be very helpful and possibly save you from the extra expense and save your hearing.

  4. grimel

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    It is a freaking accuracy DISadvantage. The noiser from the stupid thing will induce a flinch if shot under the (typical) tin roof at a covered range. Anyone sitting next to you will be tempted to make you into a popcicle with a 243 stick.
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    Muzzle brake on a .243

    Ditto the comments of others as to this - and one more thing. Muzzle brakes, quite often, are DETRIMENTAL to accuracy. If the brake is not finished to VERY tight tolerances (including concentricity of the holes/ slots, etc.) - it can actually behave like a bad barrel crown - and throw off accuracy. A brake is quite unnecessary on a .243 anyway (as others have already stated). I would forget about this contraption, for this rifle, if I were you.