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Ah, the insanity . . .

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Well, you're all going to think I'm crazy, or perhaps not since we all suffer from the same terminal disease. :) I went into the local gun dealer's shop the other day and started looking at rifles. I also had a few extra $$ from teaching a summer class, even after giving the wife her split. :) There I was, handling a Ruger M77 Mk in .308, and I just loved the way it looked, felt, etc. As a shotgunner I always notice stock fit and this rifle just mounted effortlessly. So I bought it! Price was $520.

I clearly don't need a .308, having just bought a 7mm-08 Remington Mountain Rifle. But now I own one anyway. Took it down to the range and sighted it in with the Sightron Sii borrowed from the 7mm-08. Accuracy was quite good, at least for my shooting ability--about 1" or a bit more out of the box at 100 yards. The trigger was heavy but not creepy. Right now the rifle's at the factory having the trigger adjusted--which is a way to do it without invalidating the warranty.

Ah, the things we do for love. . . :lol: :lol:
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I knew it, Iknew it, I knew it !!!!!

Jeff... how ya fixed for handguns? You don't realize it yet, but that's the next step in the process after shotguns and rifles. A .22 auto, a .22 revolver, and a .357 revolver ought to do for starters; then you'll get a 1911 (everybody has to have one) and a big-bore wheelgun like a .454 Casull or a .475 Linebaugh or a .480 Ruger.
Arggh! I can't hit anything with a handgun! Lordy! :) :) :)
:shock:$ 520 for the 77 Mk 2, man thats a little on the high side.
Re: re: Ah, the insanity . . .

Jeff23 said:
Arggh! I can't hit anything with a handgun! Lordy! :) :) :)
Hitting with them is irrelevent. It's having them that counts. Priorities man, priorities.
I agree marlands,I just got my reloading stuff from montana and will start loading for several handguns,including Rifles.Guns are like money,you can never have too much,The gun industries rely on us,so my motto is "If you can get it then get it and piss on regreats" and don't ever ever sell guns,just buy.Drop-Shot
My Ruger RSI suffered the same mallidy as yours jeff23. Check out Timney Triggers for that nice clean trigger. I did. Got it from Midway. Though the instructions were not shipped with the trigger it was easy to install and man what a difference. Still, I have yet to figure out the entire fitting process and I can't get the safety to work. Needless to say the rifle takes no field trips until the matter is resolved.
I dought Ruger will do much for your trigger dew to liability issues.
Another source would be Wolfe Springs. This is probably the cheapest way to go. Just replace the trigger spring with a lighter Wolfe and you're set.
I thought I was on to something and decided to take out coils on mine (Factory spring). BAD IDEA. I shoulda just called Wolfe. Woulda saved money and agrivation.
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gundoc under gunsmithing can solve any trigger problen and john is a pleasure to work with.If he can he will tell you over in his collum,email or phone call will tell if sending it is necessary or not.He makes thinga like that sound simple.Drop-Shot
Well Marland, you must be right, since I can't hit much with a shotgun either, and I have several of 'em anyway. :lol: :lol: For now I can practice not hitting stuff with two fairly similar rifles, then, on to not hitting stuff with handguns as you suggest. I've noticed that some handguns seem to shoot really fast, thereby enabling one to miss many times in just a few seconds! I gots ta get me one a dem thangs! :lol:

Guest, it's not expensive here in the wilds of Connecticut, where most everyone belongs to a country club and we all talk like Mr Howell on Gilligan's Island. :lol: :lol:

Sappyg I'll try Wolfe's or Timney's if the factory doesn't work out. I figured I might as well see if I can keep the warranty valid. And, since I have a perfectly good 7mm-08 sitting around, I'm covered right into deer season. :wink: :wink:

Thanks for the tip Drop-shot--I left him a message about bore lapping, too. :)
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Well J23,

I know the feeling of walking into a gun shop and thinking "hey this looks nice and feels nice and wouldn't this be the ticket for ...." and before you know it you are the proud new owner of another firearm.

That Ruger sounds nice and is about what the going rate is for one over here. I also have a perfectly fine 7mm-08 but have been thinking about how I need a 308 to fill in a gap ....
jeff23 didnt i tell u to go w/ a ruger 77 in .308 when u were lookin for a new deer rifle? they r awesome guns did u get the standard model? if ur wife finds out and u need to get rid of it real fast pm me :p

But insanity, NOOOOO,although I could be in denial. :D
dang it jeff23 I just satisfied my craving for a new gun and thought i was over it and then u had to go talk about a ruger 77 in .308!!! :x now i cant get it off my mind!!! the craving is back and now im lookin for one which is kinda fun :D I have a feeling im gonna be very poor when college comes around in august :evil:

hey aaron,I just brought home a ruger pistol,45LC blackhawk.stainless steel polished.It was a special run of rugers with scroll work on the cylinder,5.5 inch barrel.I wanted a 7 1/2 but this guy called around and nobody has one so I settled for the 5.5 inch.With sights I have a better chance handgunning this year.Drop-Shot
nice gun dropshot i just got done reading about the blackhawk in guns magazine there's alot to customize on the old ones I have a ruger redhawk 44 mag. its a pretty sweet gun. have fun.

hey anybody,what is the best value in gun safes,I just put a 20 guage on lay-away and thats too many guns hiding around the house.I looked at Browning but a guy at the last gun show says others will do what the browning will(fire resistant) at better prices,but then again he sold safes.Best value.Drop-Shot
Aaron I used to have a redhawk that had a trigger and timing job and just like the the fool I am,I traded it for some thing.I don't remmember.I wish I had it back.When mt back heals I'll do some mechanical work in trade for guns.I've been a mechanic for 33 years and just had plates and screws and rods put in as well as a posterior fusion.I'll be better one day and I will trade for mechanical work for guns.I already have a few that way from the past.All the guns I want will come one day,and my 40,000 in tools is just sitting there and waiting for work one day.I'm out of a wheel chair and can walk a bit so look out I am getting better.Right now I need a gun safe to keep the 27 guns safe from stealing and rust.Drop-Shot
trading off a skill for a gun is always cool I myself have about 40k in snap on stuff from when my stepdad owned an electric motor shop it just sits now since the shop was sold but sometimes i trade off my skill for something i dont really need and really couldnt afford which is always fun :D

OH NO, I WENT AND DONE IT.Browning BLR ,another one but this one is a .270.Is there a cure for this?I'm about to hit the 17,000 dollar mark in guns owned............
You know MarkIV, I think you did tell me to go with a Ruger 77 in .308. But I figure it this way: if I'd done that, I'd have walked into the gun shop and bought some other rifle and I'd be about even. :lol: :lol:

Drop shot and 8-point grats on the new guns. Browning BLR's are really cool!
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