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  1. I tested various brands of ammo out in my Marlin Model 60 and here is what I found:

    CCI Mini-Mag HP: Very reliable but not very accurate. Would make a good plinking ammo or squirrel hunting ammo.

    CCI Velocitor: Very powerful, fairly accurate, and reliable. These would probably make a good round for groundhogs, etc.

    CCI Stinger: Not very accurate (on par with Mini-Mag HP) but they would be great for small game. If you hit your target you will get good results. I found they were reliable also.

    Remington Target (blue and green box): Extremely accurate. This would be a great target shooting round. It produced one ragged hole after 5 rounds at 50 yards. Reliable too.

    Remington Thunderbolt: Very cheap, and fairly accurate. I didn't experience any reliability problems either. Good plinking round.

    Federal Value Pack 550 Rounds: Fairly reliable and very cheap. I experienced one dud out of the hundreds of rounds I fired. Surprisingly these rounds were pretty accurate. So far I think these would be great for plinking.

    Remington Subsonic: These rounds were fairly accurate and I experienced no reliability problems. They fed through my gun fine despite be subsonic. They were more quiet than most rounds. They are a little dirty compared to the other rounds.

    CCI CB Long: I haven't tested them for accuracy yet, just plinking. They don't feed in my gun but they are the quietest rounds I have seen so far. I highly recommend them for low-noise shooting but they are pretty much useless for anything else.

    I will most likely shoot the Remington Target at paper and the Federal Bulk for plinking.
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    To add to this test, I brought my Marlin 60 to the range yesterday and did some shooting with two brands I had on hand.

    First up, Remington Thunderbolt. 150 Rounds, shot in a 3" circle at 25 yards, not using a rest, and 6" at 50 yards. 0 failure to feed, 0 failure to eject, 0 failure to fire.

    Next, Winchester Xpert 22 Hollow Points. 36 grain. Bulk pack
    Shot about 150 rounds, at 25 was the same as the Remington, at 50, shot about a 5" circle, with 3 or 4 flyers. 0 fail to feed, 4 fail to eject, and 1 misfire. Rim was dented, but no fire.