Another vote for Savage!

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by TXVAshooter, Dec 3, 2004.

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    Well fellas, Got back not too long ago from Texas hunting over THanksgiving with the family. I've got to plug Savage Arms yet again. I've had this .243 for a long time, a 110 series from many years back (exact age, no idea, it was bought used for me as a gift.) Well, the results came back and the gun isstill the tack driver. I live in Virginia and it lives in Texas on the ranch, so I don't get to shoot much with it anymore. However, a few shots revealed it was still hitting 1 inch groups or less at 100 yards. Good enough I was able to harvest a decent buck with her. Dropped a 9 pt with a 19 spread (about 120 field dressed, big for a West/Central Texas buck.) Clean through and the ol boy ran about 15 yards before expiring. He was rutting hard and didn't stop very long for the shot, about 70 yards at a slight quarter. Man I love venison meat! :p Anyhoo, the ol Savage gets another mark of confidence from me, great guns.

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    I own one but my brother has it and won't give it back,he uses the excuse that all the things he has done for me and all the money he has loaned me so for those reasons I let him keep it.It's a 7mm mag and when I got it new at a gunshow,I traded for it and could not sell it for nothing,so I brought it home still in the box,my brother came over and I told him to use it and he won't let me have it back.It shoots 1 inch groups at 100 yards on a windy day.I bet on a rifle vise it would shoot 3/4 inch groups.What can you say,ugly rifle that I could not sell will out shoot some of the ones I did sell or trade.It's a put the meat on the table kind of rifle,it don't have to look good just perform,and it does.Drop-Shot

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    Add me to the list. Two shots from my 110 dropped 2 deer with about the same effect as a lightning bolt this year. I'll be adding another Savage to the cabinet soon as finances permit it.