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Appeture sites or scopes

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appeture sites or scopes
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I prefer the proper scope over an apperature sight. Having the target and sighting device all on the same sight plane and increased light gathering ability are the primary reasons for my choice. The apperature sight has some benefits though. They are light and do not upset the balance of the rifle and are potentially more rugged than a scope. I think they are both fairly even in the speed on target catagory if one has an appropriate scope for the range and knows how to properly find the target with a scope. uglydog
Ditto on U-dog's comments. Sometimes though it is just a heck of a lot of fun to shoot peep sights and for someone whose eyes ain't what they used to be, peeps are surprisingly easy to focus and gratifyingly accurate.
ugly dog,have you ever had an elk get up 5 feet from you?Even on the lowest setting all I saw was brown and by the time I saw antlers he was in another area code,jeff23 uses a 1.5-6X 42 and on 1.5 mabe You can make out something but with appetures you can instantly make out whats there.Don't get me wrong I want a low power scope too but you have to admit that at times appetures have an advantage.Drop-Shot
I haven't had an elk at 5 feet but have had numerous deer and a few black bears at about that range. Last fall I didn't have much trouble finding the chest of a grizzly in my crosshairs at about 30 feet. The scope was a Simmons Aetec 2.8x10. It isn't my first choice but it is the only one I had at the time. My new bear gun has a 1x4 Leupold on it just for the extra field of view. I am planning on having a decent set of open sights put on this gun but it is only prudent to have a back up system on a dangerous game gun. With proper technique (both eyes open), regular practice, and magnification that is reasonable for the range, there should be little difficulty acquiring the target. If any of these are not followed, use of any sight becomes more difficult. uglydog
You make sense but I might use an apperture on one of my marlins,I only have 5.My 35 remington would be a perfect choice since the gun is a close up gun.I've shot coyote at 150 yds and I bet that yote would have swore I used a scope.It's a 200 yard gun at best,I've heard of long shots but they are few and far between.And for 90 dollars from marlin,that would be a cheap solution than another leupold.Think about it and let me know what you think.Drop-Shot
I did state that there is a place for apperature sights, I just think a scope is capable of much the same and has a couple of extra benefits that out weigh the negatives. Mounting the apperature on the Marlin would be a great idea from a nostalgic view, I was going to make an offer to Jeff23 for his Marlin but other factors prevented me from doing so. I still am leaning towards mounting a peep sight on a Winchester 94 if I ever get one for myself, I saw an old style peep in a magazine a while back and really fell for the look. I also may mount one on my .375 H&H as a back up, I just don't know how the rear apperature may affect the use of the scope. If that is not possible, I'll have to have an express type sight installed. The July issue of Rifle magazine has a short article by John Barsness on why he is beginning to use open sights more often. I can't disagree with any of his reasons but my preference runs towards a scope. Of course few of my scopes have high magnification, a 6x24 on my .223 is tops followed by the Simmons. Two 3x9s and a 2x7 are next and then many 1.5x4.5 and 1.75x5s. I use a pistol scope on my 30/30 Marlin in a Scout rifle configuration, that is a fast set up for quick shooting. I have become a believer in this concept for quick pointing at close range. With both eyes open, it is as fast as pointing a pistol but much more accurate. It is not a set up for long range precision shooting but is an easy "minute of whitetail" in the gun's effective range.
Another negative to peep sights is that many modern rifles are no longer tapped for them and the cost of the sight and tapping can be rather expensive. I haven't looked lately but I don't think that my new model 336 is tapped for peep sights. The majority of rifles are tapped for scopes which can be mounted fairly inexpensively at home. uglydog
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uglydog I am glad we talked,I almost talked myself out of apperture sights because after 50 or60 yards I just can"t see as well as I uses to.And what would I do if 120 yards away an elk provided a shot of a life time,but I may not be able to get the angle down right because light is low and thinga are in the way,In that senareo a scope would only do.and what if that was the only shot that year?I would like ti put one on my marlin 39A,Its a short gun that has always been open sighted rim fire gun,on a foggy day I tried to look through an appeture and wasn't happy.But buffalo hunters shot buffalo at extreame distances,so nostalga is on my side,but I just don't have the eyes I used to have and I think like you that scopes will be bestDrop-Shot
I admit I have a bias towards scopes which started when I was very young. I started shooting with open sights but was a very poor shot. I eventually "had" to have a scope and my shooting improved dramtically. A couple of years later, it was determined that I was very near sighted and that was a major reason for my poor initial shooting. Fortunately for me, I had learned how to use a scope in the most optimal manner rather than like most who use it as if it were a telescope. If I could have seen normally, I may have a very different opinion on scopes.
We have a 39A in the family, I may have to try a peep on it some day. It is my dad's and he has never used anything other than the original sights with the hooded front. He is not a believer in peep sights, his reasons are vague but I don't think he is comfortable looking through the ring. He and his brothers are the riflemen of the family, they shoot about everything from .17 cal up to .50 BMG and often compete in various venues. My tastes run towards shotguns and handguns but I do well enough to keep them from disowning me. uglydog
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uglydog I too am a bit of a handgun nut,my wife just calls me a nut but I think it's very Important to be a specific nut,I own too many pistols,many I have never shot,I own several shotguns but I'm not the best shotgunner around.People I hunt with says,if he pulls the trigger,some thing hits the ground.I shot silloutte in the 70's and part of the 80's so when I shoot a handgun I usually hit the target.But I seem to have problems with shotgunning.People like to shoot against me unless it's pistols,I have a good day if I hit 70% of clays.I'm sure it's just some fundamental lacking on my part,and I have owned and still own a few good shotguns,My 870 is my favorite,but I hit better with a 12 guage bakial side by side.I owned a browning citori and could not wait to trade it in on a gun I can hit with,I only owned it for a month and shot less than 300 rounds and I could not hit 50%,I traded for a browning gold and same problem.I can't look down the barrel with my cheek against the stock,I have to pull my head back a few inches and I'm sure that throws me off.I need to be fitted by a gunsmith.If I ever get enough money put aside I will.But I find that side by sides are easier to sight with for me.Drop-Shot
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The same was said of me when I hunted with an auto shotgun, now that I use an O/U I pull the empties out of the chamber. My handguns are mostly carry guns though I do have a Savage Striker, a T/C Contender, and a Ruger Super Redhawk. I'm not the pistoero I used to be but have taken a few bucks off the cops that hang around work. uglydog
Im not the best handgunner but I do own a few trophys in pistol,all magnum class.25,75, and 100 meters.So I am average with a handgun,rotten with a shot gun,if I pull my head back a few inches,I can see down the barrel.When I get enough money ahead I want to be fitted by a gunsmith,And I feel slightly fair with a scoped rifle cause I don't have to look down the stock I have the scope to do that.I looked through my brother-in-laws apature sighted BLR and I fell in love with it.For close shooting I would like appetures,but for longer shots I like scopes.Drop-Shot
ugulydog I think the marlin336 can use the scope mount holes to mount a rear aperture but I'm not sure about the front sight.The 1895 marlin cowboy in 45/70 with a 26 inch octagun barrel had a brouchure that showed a marlin ghost ring site just for the 1895 marlin and it said minimal gunsmithing may be required,I'm not sure what that ment but the rear aperture site looked like it was in the scope holes and I think the front site has to be changed.The cost was 95.00 and what ever gunsmithing charges might be,but for that old time look I may go with apperture sights for the 45/70.Lets face it the 45/70 is a great cartridge but it's no long range round.Thinking out loud I may try that but scopes for any thing else.Drop-Shot
Hey uglydog I just looked again to make sure buy in the Midway usa catalog I found the williamspeep sights and it says all marlin rifles and the price is right .They show the rear sold by itself for 32.95.But I would think that the front sight should be changed also ,so there is a kit front sight and rear.It looks like they are dove tailed,be carefull though cause some come out one way and the other goes in oppesite,Like the glock pistols.I've got a marlin 44 mag,35 rem,4570,22lr,3030 and any of those would work for these williams sights.It appears they bolt on the first 2 scope holes for the rear and dove tail for the front,we can do that,since I reinjured my back I may have the time to try it.I have to wait till I get enough money saved but thats a project I intend on doing.I'll keep my favorite dog and all my other friends up to date.Drop-Shot
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I've seen these sights in catalogs myself but haven't noticed them in the stores. I guess I think of the old Williams 48 style rear sight that mounts to the side of the reciever when I think of peep sights, not the style that mounts on the top. I toyed with the idea of the rear sight from someplace out in New England for my 375 H&H but went with an express type leaf sight instead. It was much cheaper and doesn't interfere with the scope. Now I'm set for Alaska in a little sless than two weeks.
Hey ugulydog I'm glad for you,be sure to stay safe and get back and give me the details.That might be as close as I get to Alaska for now.My best to ya guy and good luck.Drop-Shot
Hey uglydog,are you back from alaska yet?Details man details.Drop-Shot
Drop-shot,I am new here so I hope I'm not butting in.With that said, I have a set of the williams wgrs receiver sights from midway on my 444 marlin.I think I gave around $ 40 for them.They came with a front sight and a spacer in the pack.And the rear sight is mounted it the scope mount holes.There a good set of sights for the price.
I also seen that someone was talking about the AO ghost ring sights.The rear sight is more or less a receiver sight without the aperture.With a over sized hole and the front sight is over sized to.It is great for moveing game at close range I have been told but I have never shot with them.I have been wanting a set for my 1895G.DD444
deerdown444 I love the 444 marlin,and I like aperture sites.I plan on putting aperture sights on mt 1895 cowboy 45/70 with 26 inch octagon barrell.I had a pachmayer decelarator pad installed but with a bad back I have not shot it yet,I bought it almost 1 year ago and can't wait till I get better so I can shoot the rascal.I hear the 45/70 kicks and right now I can't even shoot a hand gun with out pain,so I think about getting better so I can say I fired the brute.Keep on posting 444 and welcome to the best shooting site on the web.Drop-Shot
I'm sorry to hear about your back pain, I hope you get to feeling better soon.I have two 45/70's myself but I don't have the cowboy.I have the 1895S and a 1895G {Marlins} in the 45/70.I had always thought the 45/70 kicked bad to.But with factory ammo they are not that bad.They have to keep the factory ammo loaded down to the old black powder pressure limits around {25,000 c.u.p.}.So the people with the older black powder models can use factory ammo_Or maybe the factory ammo doesn't feel that bad to me because I have been shooting my reloads so long.Compared to my reloads kick, the factory ammo feels weak.The 1895 Marlin can safely be operated up to {40,000 c.u.p.} So if you reload there is a lot of room for improvement over factory loads.I hope you get to shoot that cowboy soon. :wink: DD 444
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