ASI Accurized Mini-14

Discussion in 'Rifle Opinions' started by j870sm, May 5, 2005.

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    I found this gun on consignmnent at a local gun shop. It looks really nice, real heavy barrel, nice stock, and a nice upgrade to the trigger. All I have to go by is what the salesman told me about the gun. When I was looking at it he told me it had been to ASI and was a real good shooter.
    I have shot the gun and it does out shoot any mini I have ever seen and certainly shoots better than the one I traded off. It does shoot pretty good groups with all the different ypes of ammo I have tried in it so I am guessing a handload would put it to spectacular.
    All that being said I will add this. I have no idea what you would ever use this thing for other than plinking. It is the heaviest gun I have ever shot. It is very front heavy, don't know if that is a good thing or bad yet. You definitely would not want to carry this gun around, I carried out to the 100 yd line and it was not pleasant. I gave $575.00 for it which is not much more than I gave for the stock piece of crap mini that I traded in. All in all I don't think I got hurt any at least I have a mini that will shoot decently.
    IF a coyote happens across the firing range at the gun club it will get dead. If I am hunting coyotes it won't be with this gun.
    I wish I had some sort of paperwork from the owner showing who really did the work on this gun. It looks great, shoots really well but I am a little skeptical due to tool marks and fit and finish.
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    :) My son had his Mini14 redone by Accuracy Sys. Inc. recently. The cosmetics are perfect. Really...perfect. The rifle has NOT been shot yet, as the guy has developed an :roll: obsession with my .17 HMR and appears to be seeing if he can shoot out the bbl (ok, I'm exaggerating on that). Yes, I agree that a sloppy job would likely NOT be from Acc Sys Inc. JMHO
    ///olde 8) pharte///