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    i just got a browning bar for my birthday, its the lightweight stalker model, in a 30/06, not gonna add a scope, shes my brush gun, i got a 270 for open country, but, my question was does anyone know of any inexpensive extra b.a.r. mags, i cant find any under 40 bucks that are good for my gun and it gets me mad, i need some more for plinkin with my surplus ammo and i need an extra for when im hunting, not that ill use it, but just in case
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    Lip, if you find a source...let us all know. I've been searching too and can't find anything. I think I'm going to have to break down and pay the $$$. :x

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    you can pick them up for 20 to 25 each on ebay
    if you own a pre 93 model you can even sometimes pick up 2 for the 20 to 25.

    just have to be a savy shopper. look at lots of listings set your price and wait for a while.
    just keep looking and you'll find it in your price range.

    if you detimine you want to pay 20 bucks just keep looking till you find one ending at 20 bucks sooner or later you'll get a lucky break just have to be patient. sometimes they go for more so you just let it go there will be plenty more to follow it in a short time
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    Chech CDNN, got a really good deal for my mark I and shipping is a flat fee. :D