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Ballistic Tips

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I just have a question regarding whether or not I should switch to ballistic tip bullets. I have a friend that swears by them, but I don’t know.

Here is why I ask, when double-checking that the old rifle was sighted in, I also shot some ballistic tips from Hornady to see how they performed. As far as performance, they were practically the same as the Federals that I was using. There were some small pumpkins there (because people hunt a lot of those…) that I took a shot at, and it destroyed the thing. After I saw that, I wasn’t too sure I would want to do that to a deer, and have to clean it.

So, my question is this. Is there a compelling reason to switch to these when my current bullets (soft tips) have worked just fine (every deer I have shot has fallen straight down)? Are there any compelling reasons not to switch?

Thanks for any info.

Oh, my deer rifle is a 30-06 usually with a 150 or 165 grain bullet. This same rifle will also be used for antelope (next fall) and possibly elk in the future.

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I'll be using Nosler Ballistic Tips for antelope in Wyoming in a couple of weeks but I won't use them here where I live for deer or elk. All the stuff I have read about them say the larger sized bullets are a little stouter than the varmint sized ones so penetration should be a little better, but I'll probably stick with partitions or fail safes that way I know I'll get the performance that I need, especially for elk. A friend of mine has used them a bit and quit because they did really tear the meat up, but I didn't personally witness it.
If whatever you are shooting is working why bother changing?

Leave those ballistic tips at the house. Great for blowing up varmits, but the ones you listed are solid impacters on your game. Stick with what works. Tried some in my .243, same notion you mentioned, I blew up a lot more meat with a shoulder shot on a white tail than was acceptable to me. I put them back on the shelf for varmits.

if what ur using works to ur satisfaction why change?

Thanks guys.

I never really had a desire to change. If it aint broke.... I just heard so many people going on about them, I was wondering if I was missing something.

I tend to go withe the soft tip, but I have recently tries some barnes X bullets, and those can pack one hell of a punch
Around here in Georgia, Ballistic tips are very popular with deer hunters. I have just started using them . A deer hit with one usually doesn't go very far. If you would like a change then I would try Speer Grandslams( one of my favorites) or the Barns x which is awsome. Both are top performers that have the highest weight retention.
I've tried loading ballistic tips in 243,308,300 win mag,270 and 2506. The 243 and 300 didn't group them worth a dang. The 270,2506 and 308 flat loved them. I know lots of guys who hunt deer with them and say they're awesome. These bullets are basically hollow points with a cover. They'll expand and blow up when hitting bone. Bruised meat is a waste in my opinion. I've gone back to soft points in all my guns now. I like the Pro Hunter series from Siera. They are accurate and give good expansion without blowing huge quanities of meat away.
The only thing is if you shoot them in the vital section I dont think you will lose all that much except the ribs
If you hunt for meat, I wouldn't recommend it. There are alot of other bullets out there that will knock them down and perform very well without so much damage. Stick to varmits with B-Tips. Thanks
unless your shots are usually over 200 yards, IMO just use the ones you use now, federal makes good ammunition.
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