Barrel change?

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by Anonymous, Aug 5, 2004.

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    I have a Remington 700 in 30-06. I am interested in making it a .270. Other than having the barrel swapped by a gunsmith, what are the other considerations for this? Thanks in advance.
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    How about just buying a .270?

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    Depending on what kind of a deal you can get, it'll probably cost you at least half the cost of a whole new rifle to rebarrel a 700. I'd agree with gwp.... buy a .270 and keep the '06 as well, or sell the '06 to offset most of the cost of the .270.
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    Above posts are correct, you'd be better off with getting a new firearm. Cost of barrel, say a Douglas for $200-$250 and assuming it won't need to be reblued to match your receiver, threading by a smith say $150, check head space and adjust say $50 and you have $400 easily though it will probably be more. The Savage action is one of the few that has a barrel that can be swapped out for under $200. Midway has some nice aftermarket barrels for $150 as I have been considering rechambering a 30-06 to 35 Whelen.

    Adavantages of a new gun:
    1) Now you have 2 rather 1 firearm, more is always better in this respect IMO.
    2) No downtime while the gun would be at the smith.
    3) Original accuracy would not be affected either way on the original.

    Safe shooting.
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    Just wait til deer season comes, and go look at the used riffles, I know around here a lot of people trade there 7 rounds fired rifle in for a new one.
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    Now I need to go there and get me one of those 7 round rifles :)
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    I wonder what gundoc would charge to re-barrel a gun.I have a ruger 30/06 that wwb helped me get 1 inch groups, but it has a recoil arrestor,and man does it hurt your ears to shoot.We pratcice with hearing protectors on but hunt without any protection and when that moment of truth arrives we shoot.I have to wear hearing aids cause of working around high noise areas as a mechanic,and am thinking of walkers hearing protectors,but if you buy it does it come with 2 or just 1?Just wondering out loud .Drop-Shot