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Discussion in 'Big Bore' started by Big Yac, Feb 8, 2005.

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    has anyone ever shot one of these guns? I'm thinking of getting a big gun and while considering a .338 Lapua Mag or .375 Mag the thought of a .50 cal has slowly entered my mind. What is it like to pull the trigger on one of these? I'm sure a muzzle brake it pretty much a necessity. Any brand of .50 cal guns better than the other?
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    the Barrett Light Fifty or M82 is a semi auto .50 BMG and the Barrett people said it has the same recoil as a 12 gauge, but it has a massive muzzle break and reciprocating barrel. it also has a $7000 price tag

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    the only .50 bmg i ever shot was the LAR grizzly n i wasnt all that impressed cuz lookin at what a .50 caliber cartridge looks like i figured i would be kick a mile when i shot it but since the gun is so heavy n has a huge muzzle break the recoil is no different than shooting a 10 gauge in my oppinion
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    I haven't fired a Barrett, but I have an AMAC .50BMG rifle. It is a lot of fun. I am shooting 1.00 groups at 200yds with handloads. I bought a couple of can of TALON ammo and was not happy with it. I was getting 8 and 9 inch groups at 200 yds. The first handload I tried cut it down to just over 2.00 inch. I believe I can get the 1.00 down a little more.

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    I recently played with a Barrett M82 semi auto with factory ball ammo. It seemed to kick about like my heavy barrel .308. Shooting it prone was not at all uncomfortable. Several months ago, I played with a McMillan .50 bolt action shooting handloads pushing a 750gr Amax at 3000fps. It kicked a little harder than the Barrett, but it was not uncomfortable either. It seemed to be about like the average 30/06 bolt action. One thing, they were both LOUD!!! Standing beside one of these things being fired would be a BAD idea. They were both great fun to shoot. If I ever get the money...... :twisted:
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    I have played with an Accuracy International big 50 and damn there fun, recoils not a problem but as others have said the blast is amazing, it's like getting hit by a wave at the beach, while spotting for some one my hat actually was popping off my head.
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    I've shot the Barret 82 and 99, a McMillan single shot my father owns as well as an M-2. They do have a pretty good shock wave and the recoil is not objectionable but then the rifles are 20+ pounds with a heck of an effective muzzle brake and the M-2 was attached to a jeep. I briefly toyed with the idea of getting an M-82 as a shop I frequent has one fully loaded with options and a Leupold scope of some sort, I think a 6.5-20x, for $7000. It was a brief thought as my wife decided to put that money towards some unneeded household items like sheet rock, 2"x4" studs, and electrical items to finish off the basement. I am strongly against that idea as, once finished, she will want to further fix up that area and slowly squeeze me into a smaller and smaller area until I have only a small cubbyhole in which to put all my hunting, shooting, and reloading stuff. My fishing stuff has already been relegated to an area the size of a large dog house in a storage shed that she has taken over for her "gardening supplies". At least I will always have my vault room as only I know the combo for the lock.