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ok guys i have heard of this but im not quite sure what this is and im building up a 10/22 and have heard its a good thing to do can someone explain to me what exactly it is how hard it is and where i can read up on how to do it? thanx

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If it's barrel bedding you're talking about, there are two schools of thought; bedding and free-floating.

Bedding is filling the barrel channel in the stock with epoxy or some similar compound, coating the barrel with mold release or something similar, and assembling (this word should have been a-s-s-emble) the rifle, allowing the epoxy to cure. The theory is that there is uniform support for the barrel and it should lead to tighter groups.

Free-floating is removing enough material in the barrel channel to insure that the barrel doesn't touch the stock forward of the reciever, so that stock changes with humidity and temperature won't affect the zero.

Bedding the RECEIVER usually accompanies a free-float job on the barrel. That involves making the recoil lug and all the other reciever parts fit perfectly into the stock recesses by a process just like bedding the barrel.
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I've used Brownell's Acraglas Bedding Compound with great success, mostly for bedding shogun actions to stocks in order to fill gaps & prevent stock cracks. It should be a breeze to bed a 10/22 rifle stock with Acraglas, if you decide to give it a go.
Sounds like wwb has done that a time or two,and acra glass bedding from brownells is what I use too.Sounds like every one is on the same page.Drop-Shot
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