Benelli R1

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by mdbuckle, Oct 28, 2005.

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    Any of you guys had a chance to try the new Benelli R1 Rifle?? I am quite interested in it and am looking for some input.

    This is my first post to Shootingworld although I have been a part of the sister site Shotgunworld for some time now.
  2. I've never actauly shot one so my oppinion probably don't alot. But I did look at one once in the store. To me it seemed awfull heavy. I personaly would not want to have gotten stuck carrying it through the field, But each to his own.

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    I have a friend back in Washington that one of his friends has one and the groups were not that great,I was getting better groups with factory rem corelocks with my rem 742.I heard he sent it back to Benelli and he got it back just before the Washington hunting season and it now shoots 2 inch groups.Benelli is a good company(bought by beretta)and they stand behind their firearms and will bend over backwards to make a customer happy.The gun is a bit spendy but a pretty nice gun.Drop-Shot