Best '06 bullet weight

Discussion in 'Center Fire' started by claycrusher, May 28, 2004.

  1. claycrusher

    claycrusher Guest

    Which bullet weight do you guys think is best for deer in the 150 pound area? Right now I use 180 gr PSP.
  2. mountainview

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    Recommend a 150 or 165 grain for whitetail. 180 grains and heavier are usually controlled expansion and normally intended for elk and such. Also depends on what medicine your firearm likes. My firearms are a bit like individuals in that not all loads shoot the same in a given gun.

    Check the manufacturers recommendations as well. Most of them have their rounds listed by CXP game class and could help guide your selection.

    Good luck.

  3. wwb

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    Probably the best all-around .30 cal bullet is something around 165 grains. Sectional density, ballistic coefficient, length/diameter ratio for the usual twist rate....... all that stuff.

    The guys that shoot 1000 yards with .308's all shoot 165, 168, or 170 grain match bullets.
  4. 8pointduck

    8pointduck Super Member

    150-165gr. for deer....
  5. Anonymous

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    when i stumbled onto the 165 gr bullets for my 06 a few years ago my rifle turned from a good deer rifle to a snipper rifle. 165gr sierra gamekings made all the diff.
    i later come to find out (i don't reload) the 168 gr sierra match kings are some of the bullet of choice with these match shooters in their 308's and 30.06's.
    i've never met a whitetail yet that needed 180 gr bullet, but if that's what shot best in my rifle you can bet that's what i would be shooting on opening day.
  6. Anonymous

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    It has been my experience that anything over 150 gr. on deer is over kill. What you will find out is that the hevier bullets (when load up to top speed and pressure)will not open up on deer and you will end up with alot more wounded deer and have to do quite a bit more tracking then if you stick with a 150 gr. that will open up and do more damage to the lighter framed animals and result in faster kill,especially at longer ranges(200yrds +)
  7. TXVAshooter

    TXVAshooter Guest

    150 will do her fine. 165 will do it better. 180 will bowl her over.
  8. salosha

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    For years I've loaded for speed using 125gr sierras for my .308 and 3006, loaded them up to 3000-3200fps and let the hydrostatic shock do the talking. But I've found that the 165gr sierra btsp gameking make things so convienent. Yes , the bullets fly a little slower, but there is no trailing them up. Thanks
  9. slugmensch

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    Best .30/06 bullet weight

    I must agree with you guys.... about 165 gr. should be best all 'round for deer.....
  10. harold50

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    I have found the 165 grain Sierra to be the most accurate out of my o3-A3 '06.

  11. Big Yac

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    I found a pretty sweet load for my 30-06 using IMR 4895 and a Sierra 180gr BTHP Matchking bullet. Ofcourse this is just for long range target shooting and some groundhog shooting. Has anyone ever tried Reloader 19? I'm a big Alliant user with my shotgun shells. I'm thinking of trying Reloader 19 with a Sierra 190gr matchking , anyone ever try this combination?
  12. goose

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    look to see if you have any load data on reloader 22 for that slug in 30-06

    that or hogden h1000

    in my weatherby the reloader 22 hits the max velocity nicely followed by h1000

    i am using barnes trippleshock 180 grain boattails right now but plan on (after hunting) having my dad work up some loads for some berger 210 vld's, 190 grain sierra matchkings and of course some hornaday 155 grain a-max the a-max is a fun round you should check them out (ballistic tiped)

    of course i am running a 300 mag not an 06 so the heavier slugs aren't as bad in mine but i would not intentionally go out and buy a match grade or varmint round over 165 to be honest.

    just happened to have some layin around and figured i would burn em up as plinkers
  13. Guest

    I use 150 on deer and move up to 180 for elk.
  14. luv2safari

    luv2safari Moderator

    All around...180gr Speer Hot Core or 165 Speer Hot Core.

    Both of these expand well, but retain their weight well, also. I have become a firm believer in bullets of sufficient weight to plow through the animal and break bones when necessary. :idea:

    I feel any good bullet from 150 gr to 200 gr in a 30 caliber is good medicine for deer. I like heavier bullets for another reason...they don't ruin as much meat as the smaller-faster bullets. In most modern rifles the best accuracy range seems to be 165-190 gr. I wish we could get over the high velocity kick this country is on and get back to accuracy.

    I can tell you first hand that the guys who make their living taking us Nimrods into the bush for their living after horned/antlered critters like to see a hunter show up with an old 30-06 and have a pocket full of 180gr ammo. :D :wink:
  15. mak48

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    anything from 150 to 180 but I usually try to find good 168 grain bullets. they haven't failed yet
  16. 260rem

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    I love the 165gn Nosler bt for light skin game and the 165gn Accubond on the Bigger deer.
  17. Rev.

    Rev. Guest

    165 gr BT