Discussion in 'Browning' started by ScottyO, Apr 30, 2004.

  1. ScottyO

    ScottyO Guest

    Do any of you own, or have any first hand knowledge with the BOSS system?

    If you were going to buy a Browning rifle, would you get this option, or would you rather get a rifle without it?

    I'm thinking about getting an A-Bolt White Gold Medallion, and it is available either with or without the BOSS system. What do you think?

  2. gwp4ever

    gwp4ever Guest

    I dont own one but have shot a few rifles with it. From what I know you can dial them in pretty good but they are loud as hell.

  3. goldeyeslayer

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    The BOSS is just another thing do screww up. They do work but are very loud and are very touchy. All you had do is bump the thing and it would move. This is why i sold mine. I would reccomend taking the money you save on not buying the BOSS and use it towards getting a good scope.
  4. uglydog

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    I've got one on my 300 Win mag A-Bolt and think it is great. It can be a bit touchy with bumps and such but a little dab of blue Lock-Tite and that goes away. The recoil is diminished noticeably with the brake in place and the noise does not seem to be objectionable to me when using on game. If the report is uncomfortable with the brake in place, there is a non-ported attachment available to replace the ported one. Picking a load and dialling the BOSS is much easier than buying/making and shooting a number of loads to find the most accurate one, especially if one is not a handloader or the ammo selection is limited.
  5. john wall

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    uglydog has it figured out. the boss lets an affordable arm shoot like a full blown bench gun, you are going to wear hearing protection anyhow, aren't you? my 308 shoots .2 moa, my 223 shoots .3 moa, and my 300 shoots .4 moa, at 200 yards, with minimal load development, actually no load development in my 308, i use the same load that i use in my match m1-a!
  6. j870sm

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    I have a 7MM and 300 mag with the BOSS and they are extreme. Both of these were easy to tune in and saved alot of time and money. I did not develop a hand made load for either I shoot factory ammo. The settings are repeatable in other words I have different bullet types with the setting on the box so if and when I change bullet weight or manufacturer I tune it to the setting on the box and away I go. I would highly recommend the BOSS. Both of these rifles had a ported and non ported included. I used the non ported to get it tweaked simply due to the muzzle blast and I use the ported to hunt with. Changing the units did require a little fine tuning but not much. Again mark your settings on the box of bullets and your are ready to go.