brass jag and sweets 7.62??????????

Discussion in 'Rifle Talk' started by 870 ExpressMag, Jul 20, 2005.

  1. 870 ExpressMag

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    i bought a one piece ball bearing coated dewey rod yesterday with brass jags for my 308 270 and 223....i got some sweets 7.62 to take out the heavy copper fouling after i use hoppes no9 to remove the other stuff...yes i will make sure and dry patch after the hoppes and before the sweets and dry patch after the question is...can the sweets be used with brass jags?? the guy in the gun shop said it was ok but the guys over on the forum said it's not good.... :?
  2. gator

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    Just spray it off with Gun Scrubber when your done. I even run a patch with Gun Scrubber down the barrel after using the strong copper solvents to get it all out before oiling the barrel for storage.

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    When I use Sweets I allways use a plastic sloted tip, reason being the ammonia will attack the bronze tip