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I have an A-bolt II stalker in 22-250, no BOSS on mine and it can shoot!!

Near as I can tell some of the differences between A-bolts and A-bolt II's are a different bolt/ bolt sleeve system and I think maybe a slightly different trigger.

I really like the short bolt throw, escpecially with gloves on in the winter.

The only thing I have heard some people not hapy with is the way the box magazine hooks into the floor plate. They would prefer either a slide in slide out magazine or a floorplate with out the magazine attached to it.

The only thing about mine that is a little inconvnient is that it is hard to load it through the top bolt opening when loading the magazine. It is easier by far to open the magazine floor plate and load the magazine with it hanging open. Not a big deal thogh and with your model haveing a longer cartridge lenght that might not be a problem.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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